Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • Over 10 years of experience with different BI tools, and 9 years alone with Sisense. Providing help on data modelling/dashboarding and customization of Sisense.
  • Experience in Healthcare, Public Sector (public contracts analysis), marketing, ERP processes (Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Finance etc.), Retail, Waste Management processes and many more.

Sisense Services Provided

  • Data Modelling, Dashboarding, JS plugins, API applications, Custom REST connectors, Custom plugins, platform maintenance, troubleshooting, advice on scaling, hardware spec.
  • Support for OEM implementations
  • Training 
    • We provide a variety of tailor suited training courses to accommodate the different functions and requirements in any organization and are led by our team of highly experienced Sisense and BI developers. These Training courses can be done on your own data to both provide real business use cases to participants, as well as initiate development on required projects. Our courses can be done remotely via webinar or onsite and will include assignments after every lesson and Q&A and review sessions throughout the course. 
    • The courses we provide:
      • Basic Training for business users
      • Advanced Training for Dashboard Designers
      • Full Admin Training
      • Advanced Analytics and Integrations
      • Data Modelling Training
  • And many more tailored suited solutions for your specific needs. 

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • ResConsortium – helped to initiate an interactive platform for NHS organizations to be able to compare their Staff Survey results.
  • Msi – Info – interactive online platform allowing analyzing Public Contracts in Poland
  • Happi – helped develop internal reporting/dashboarding for Happi market research platform
  • AWS Power – helped to create a unique solution allowing to analyze the performance of bio power plants
  • Capital Service – helped to create dashboards for over 200+ users analyzing internal sales performance
  • Every1Mobile – helped to create structures and dashboards for end-users, supporting 3rd world countries

Customer Testimonials:

Our company has been working with Michael and his team for over a year now and we owe a good part of our success to QBeeQ. When we’re challenged with complex requirements, QBeeQ has delivered valuable strategic thought partnership as well as fast solution delivery.

It continues to be a pleasure working together and I recommend QBeeQ to others considering outside expertise.

Nick Mancini, AdvisorClarity

We have worked with Michael and QBeeQ for a bit over a year as our outsourced Sisense management / report creation department. They act as a part of our company and help us with strategy, operations, client servicing, and almost daily ad-hoc requests. As good a tool as Sisense is, it would be useless to us without QBeeQ’s support.  QBeeQ enables us to achieve the business results we need from the Sisense platform without having to become or employe experts on the platform.  I could envision us working with QBeeQ on another platform, but I could not envision working with the Sisense platform without QBeeQ.

Greg Lipper, Happi Pte Ltd

Working with Michael and the QBeeQ team for more than a year now, I can say that we feel confident in recommending QBeeQ’s services. Working with Michael is a pleasure. He is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track while working in an ever-changing environment and complex data structure. His technical expertise and understanding coupled with his collaborative and innovative spirit made him the go-to expert for our projects. 

Ohad Oren, Gong.io

We have been working with Michael and the QBeeQ team for about a year now, and they have been able to – not only help us maintain our existing Sisense infrastructure, but also to expand our capacity and tackle completely new challenges. They work as an integral part of our team.

Donovan Cowie, Every1Mobile

With the proliferation of tech companies in recent years, it can be difficult to distinguish the experts from the impostors. There’s an ever-growing supply of eager start-ups who will sell you a solution before they understand your need.  QbeeQ’s approach is different. Instead of hawking snake-oil, they took the time to flesh out and appreciate our requirements, then delivered on their promise. On time and at lower cost than competing offers. This was backed up with excellent ongoing technical support and a post-delivery follow-up. We shopped around and made the right choice with QbeeQ.

Thom Shackleford, Intrava 

We have been working with Ido Darnell from the QBeeQ team for over a year now.

They have have been incredibly helpful in supporting our progress on our main BI functions with Sisense in several areas, operations, customer success and sales projects.

Their knowledge and expertise with Sisense and their BI state of mind in general is what helped us overcome several challenges and provided professional solutions in a fast and efficient manner.

We had several requests and ideas, which they were able to tailor suit to us, and when there were existing solutions or options with less effort they would always recommend those above other more complex and time consuming options. 

The Qbeeq team is always available and dedicated to our timelines.

Strongly recommend QBeeQ and the team

Ilana Rothfield, Highcon Systems

Operating regions

  • Europe, North America, Asia and Australia


  • English
  • Polish
  • German
  • Spanish – mainly in writing
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew

Company Contact Information

Community profile: Michael Becker
Headquarters location: ul.Wyszyńskiego 14/I piętro, 70-200 Szczecin, Poland
Website: http://qbeeq.pl/en/ 
Company LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qbeeq/
Primary contact person: Michael Becker
Email: [email protected]