Silutions Consulting

Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • 6+ years experience with Sisense.
  • Sisense experience in Transportation, Medical Practice, Energy/Energy Monitoring, Event Management, Insurance, Criminal Justice, Building Products, Property Development and Financials.
  • A former customer who understands how to work closely with Sisense to help ensure your success.
  • Extensive experience across a number of Manufacturing industries.

Sisense Services Provided

  • Create/Refine your Analytics Vision
  • Create Design Standards and Dashboards
  • Build effective Data Models
  • Develop Maintainable Documentation
  • Create Training/Marketing videos
  • Manage your Project/Program for a successful BI implementation
  • Guide you in Establishing Good Governance for your Sisense System
  • Sales support for selling your embedded Sisense analytics to your customers
  • Long term support
  • Stuck with a problem and just need some help? Contact us.

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • Energy Industry SAAS Analytics Provider: vision creation, dashboard design, data modeling, documentation and project management of ETL and data warehouse development. Over 100 dashboards live.
  • Transportation Management SAAS Provider: dashboard design, data modeling, documentation, governance establishment and training video. 25 dashboards live in 90 days. Responsible for all ongoing Sisense support. Also support sales efforts to end customers.
  • Event Management Company: Vision enhancement, roadmap development, dashboard standardization and design, data modeling enhancement and sales support.
  • Multi-Location Medical Practice: Discovery, data model design, dashboard design.
  • Criminal Justice Case Management: ETL design assistance, data model design and development, dashboard creation, testing planning and support, Go-Live Support, sales support.
  • Contact us to review your specific needs and evaluate how we can help make your Sisense BI Solution successful.

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Operating regions

  • North America


  • English

Company Contact Information

Community profile:   Jim Thomas
Headquarters location: Greenville, SC USA
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Primary contact person: Jim Thomas
Email: [email protected]