Sisense empowers builders to deliver insights on complex data, so users can achieve better business outcomes. Data teams connect directly to the Snowflake data warehouse to flexibly prepare, query and manage structured and semi-structured data within Snowflake using both code and a web-based, visual data modeling experience.

Organizations harness the power and scalability of Snowflake using Sisense’s advanced data pipelines, SQL-based materialized views, and a combination of live and cached data models. Together, Sisense and Snowflake power complex ad-hoc advanced analysis, self-service dashboards and actionable analytic apps that can be embedded anywhere.

Sisense & Snowflake for Data Analytics

  • Securely and easily access all data stored within Snowflake
  • Build cloud data pipelines and perform advanced analytics using SQL, Python and R
  • Deliver highly interactive, self-service dashboards and AI-powered analytic apps to explore new insights and take action
  • Embed, extend, customize and automate analytics for each business requirement using a rich suite of APIs and SDKs

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Sisense’s Architecture is Built for Snowflake

Critical Features of our Partnership

Embed Analytics into Your Apps

Sisense + Snowflake provides builders the tools to do what they do best — create value for their customers by enabling data-driven decision making and self-service analytics instead of worrying about analytics development and deployment.
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Data Pipelines and Advanced Analytics

Sisense provides teams with the ability to build data pipelines with Snowflake and perform advanced analysis using languages they already know like SQL, Python, and R.
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Connecting Live to Snowflake

Sisense connects directly to the Snowflake data warehouse using a certified connector to flexibly deliver access to all of your present and future data for detailed data exploration and insights.
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Packaged Solutions

Sisense and Snowflake are creating a number of packaged solutions to shorten customers’ time to value for specific use cases, like sales and marketing attribution and embedding. More details to come.

“With Snowflake and Sisense for Data Teams, we are able to answer more complex and valuable questions, putting together and analyzing data in ways not possible using other tool combinations. We have big ambitions in the DevOps space. We need partners that can keep up, and it’s clear that Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and Snowflake can.”

Emilie Schario, GitLab Data Engineer and Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Power User