Make Embedded Analytics Your Competitive Advantage

Give customers a unique product experience by embedding analytics with your original data.

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Go beyond delivering standard customer dashboards to seamlessly infusing AI-powered intelligence into your products — with fast time-to-market, complete customizability, and full control, for impact you can measure. Embedded Analytics for your Customers is the API-first analytics platform that infuses fully white-labeled and customized analytic experiences into customer applications and workflows at scale.

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Fuse analytics with any ecosystem and scale securely

Integrate analytics directly into your products regardless of your tech stack. Deploy on any cloud or on-premises, with a single tenant or multi-tenant architecture, while retaining complete control with end-to-end governance and security, fully automatable via extensive APIs.

Everything you need to know to build analytics at scale

Connect to any data, your way, and scale as you grow

Data scale and complexity shouldn’t be a concern as your solution grows. Empower customers with real-time insights on live data with the flexibility to leverage cached data for minimized query costs, and rapid prototyping.

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Analyze and explore data, with or without code

Enable true self-service analytics for your customers to explore powerful data with code-free embedded analytics to uncover their own insights.

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Augment with predictive analytics, AI and machine-learning

Delight your customers with seamless AI-powered data experiences to make your product stickier. Empower customers with out of the box advanced predictive intelligence, natural language querying and more. No advanced expertise needed.

Simply Ask! in natural language and get insights

Infuse intelligence with deeply embedded analytics

Drive customer satisfaction with self-service, actionable intelligence that is fully white-labeled, customized and embedded into your products. Leverage robust embedding capabilities from iFrames to APIs and SDKs to deliver unique data experiences anywhere.

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Embedded Analytics Impacts Everyone

Product Leaders

Create differentiated products that drive customer satisfaction without worrying about development efforts, time to market, or resources.

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Data Executives

Unleash a powerful data monetization engine to unlock additional value from data and domain expertise.

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Deliver seamless data experiences to customers with clean, simple workflows while maintaining full programmatic control of the integrated analytics deployment.

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The Sisense DevX program is committed to empowering you with a rich set of tools, capabilities and resources to create tailor-made, seamless end-user experiences and bring innovative data products to market.

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Embedded Analytics Documentation and Playbook

Jumpstart your Embedded Analytics deployment with quickstart & architecture guides, relevant capabilities, APIs and best practices. Cover key embedded analytics requirements, various embedding and customization options, with details on how to successfully leverage them for your use case.

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What is Embedded Analytics?

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Next Generation Embedded Analytics – An analyst conversation

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