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Sisense is a self-service analytics and reporting tool that lets anyone create interactive dashboards & reports in minutes.

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When end users request reports, make sure your BI reporting tools can give you more control over report distribution and scheduling. 

One of the main objectives of an analytics solution is to include report tools that deliver insights in a format that can be easily accessed, reviewed, and acted upon. 

Sisense democratizes end-user reports so that every end-user receives access to the data and valuable insights that govern their business. Use the reporting software with special features to customize BI report content, control distribution lists of the report, apply filters to view only relevant information in certain groups, and play with frequency and format. The final output is a report that is destined to the right audience and targeted with the correct information that makes decision making what it should be in a data-driven company.

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Say goodbye to cumbersome, IT-centric reporting: Sisense lets you easily transform big data from disparate sources into visual BI reports in a matter of minutes.

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Business analysts must individually set and manage reports for each end-user (email content, subscription, and scheduling frequency) for all individual dashboards. Business users depend on business analysts to make all the changes necessary to report settings, including unsubscribing from a report.

In most companies, all users of a dashboard receive the report in a mass distribution when the owner dispatches it to the company. This process is time-consuming and tedious, it allows data to be distributed to unnecessary employees, possibly harming the security policy of the company and releasing customer data to unauthorized employees.

Sisense has a solution. Sisense End-User Report Management, the BI reporting tools inside the Sisense data and analytics platform, allows business analysts to take control of the analytics reports that are created and distributed. Business users are now able to receive the relevant information when (scheduling frequency) and how(i.e. email, pdf), and where (laptop, mobile, tablet) that they prefer.


Business users have more autonomy over each dashboard/report they have access to. (i.e. unsubscribing, determining frequency, filtered views). This frees up the business analyst to focus on more value-driven activities, while still catering to the subscribers of the reporting software and data-driven analytics insights.

The value that Sisense provides in its BI reporting tools for business analysts and business users is strengthened by delivering even more control and accelerated workflows and ultimately faster, more efficient time-to-insight. And we are continuously investing in enterprise readiness that allows our largest customers to scale reports distribution to thousands of users without burdening business analysts.

Key Takeaways

Benefits of using report tools for the Business user:

  • Schedule a report of a dashboard to be emailed at an optimal time straight from the reporting software
  • Determine how to receive a PDF attachment or a report embedded within the email
  • Unsubscribe or turn-off scheduled reports by email
  • Customize the scheduled report with filtered values to present only the relevant data needed
  • Personalize the look and feel of the PDF attachment just like a business analyst does today

Benefits of using report tools for the Business Analyst:

  • Push a business-critical report at a specific time (i.e. Management wants to push a weekly sales tracker to all the retail store managers every Monday at 9 AM)
  • Unsubscribe an individual viewer or group of viewers from a report
  • Disable dashboard subscriptions that may contain sensitive data

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Obsession with customer success is part of our DNA. We take every measure to ensure you get true business value from Sisense’s BI platform. That’s why tens of thousands of users worldwide rely upon Sisense for business insights.

James Tickner

Senior Director of Analytics Product Development

What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data.

Brent Allen

Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.

Jeremy Gerson

Support Team Leader

We are always faced with the challenge of proving ROI for our product and sometimes it can be a challenge because all our customers have such different scenarios. But it’s really obvious right there, using Sisense, that there is clear ROI.

Emanuel Nardo

Data Scientist

Sisense provides us with a powerful platform that scales alongside our business as we integrate more data sources and enable all employees to have a true self-service experience.

Nicole Sprandel

Director of Business Intelligence

We can now perform ad hoc analysis that will allow us to focus and intelligently pivot our efforts and, ultimately, realize our company’s full potential.