Analytic Infusion for Analysts

Build custom analytic experiences, from interactive visualizations to user-friendly applications and infuse intelligence exactly where your stakeholders need them.   

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Love your nine to five

Go beyond the dashboard and infuse intelligence into your team’s everyday business applications, workflows and processes to bring the right insights to the right place at the right time, everytime. Deliver analytics across the business to accelerate decision making and optimize outcomes with a single tool that empowers users of all skill levels to answer the most complex analytics questions.

Deliver intelligence at lightning speed

Interpreting your stakeholders' questions and effectively communicating answers has never been this easy. Deliver fast results in interactive, visual experiences that enable users to dive deep into the story their data is telling - without the need for data expertise.

  • Connect limitless data sources from the cloud, on-prem, flat files and web applications to speed through mundane tasks and rapidly transform complex data into actionable intelligence
  • Drag and drop code-free tools so you can create relationships between datasets to uncover and  visualize insights from large volumes of data and uncover powerful insights through analytics, apps and interactive dashboards
  • Leverage your SQL, Python or R coding knowledge to connect with databases, investigate raw data and perform predictive analytics

Empower stakeholders to independently make decisions 

Go beyond the dashboard to infuse relevant intelligence wherever teams work, without disrupting their workflow,  so they can understand, interpret, and ask questions to make decisions with confidence. 

  • Make data-driven decisions instinctive with AI-powered Exploration Paths that automatically helps answer their second, third and fourth questions 
  • Automate multi-step actions with actionable intelligence that can create meetings, update CRM systems, send emails - the workflow steps are limitless 
  • Empower anyone to ask predictive questions such as forecasts and trends to answer what will happen next in everyday language

Take your business analysis up a notch

Create value and grow your career by going above and beyond the basic reporting. Up-level your business analysis capabilities and skills to share advanced intelligence and predictions with leadership.

  • Leverage built-in ML and AI libraries to augment your analysis with forecasts, AI-powered explanations and more to provide forward-looking intelligence for all 
  • Analyze and interpret data your way with the ability to expand your skill set and advance your career with code free, low code and code-first tools
  • Become a strategic partner by going beyond standard dashboards and infuse unique experiences that help stakeholders automate several steps down their workflow directly from your analytics

Sisense gave me the ability to pull in data from different sources, manipulate all of that data in one place, and present it simply in one chart or graph. It’s really cool and powerful.

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