Build Trusted Data Pipelines with All Your Data Sources

Automate data workflows and empower your business users with analytics built from one data model.

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Tame Your Data Landscape and
Build the Optimal Data Pipeline

Leverage your existing data infrastructure investments to build the most robust data pipelines for your business with greater governance, agility, and speed. Empower your business users with AI-powered analytics and insights they can act on.

Data Pipeline Management

  • Streamline ETL and perform data prep with a broad range of data connectors and support for SQL, Python, and R in the same environment
  • Optimize query performance and efficiently manage utilization across your data infrastructure with materialized views and flexible view scheduling options
  • Mash up data from any source at scale — including from your cloud data warehouse
  • Get full data workflow transparency from raw data to models to analysis

Adaptive Governance & Security

  • Streamline user group access and data security down to the row at the data, model, and dashboard level
  • Scale adoption of analytics with built-in tools that accelerate automation and offer granular control
  • Monitor system health and user engagement to proactively optimize deployment performance
  • Track adoption and interactions to empower more business users in your organization

Greater User Autonomy

  • Build models once, then power many use cases
  • Mash up models and apps from formerly siloed data sources — both live and cached
  • Enjoy ease of use throughout the entire analytics lifecycle

Sisense provides us with a powerful platform that scales alongside our business as we integrate more data sources and enable all employees to have a true self-service experience.

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Power to the Data Engineer

Is your data complex? We’ve got powerful tools!
Sisense's AI-powered analytics platform simplifies complex data and transforms it into actionable analytics apps that can be delivered to your user — no matter who they are.

Streamline your existing data infrastructure and eliminate bottlenecks in data prep, ETL, and modeling to enable faster insights.

Sisense offers out-of-the-box connectors for all your data sources including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake.

Additionally, the Sisense merger with Periscope Data accelerates your analytics workflow using built-in SQL, Python, and R editors to prepare datasets and perform data prep.

Get concise data lineage with a high level of end-to-end transparency into workflows, models, and queries. Optimize workloads for performance and cost.

Sisense Elastic Data Hub enables easily observable and predictable data modeling at scale — both live and cached — from cloud and on-prem data warehouses. Quickly see dependencies and lineage to track data and analysis.

Build data assets from any source or location to support multiple user needs or and consolidate disparate data silos.

Sisense supports decentralized data sources and apps in one place. The Elastic Data Hub makes previously incompatible data easy to model both for engineers or data analysts via an intuitive UI.

Govern data security and usage across all groups and departments from one admin hub. Create management visibility into security protocols and usage in clear, concise interfaces.

Sisense admin interface makes it easy to manage multiple security rules across groups or by data model, dataset, or data granularity.

Get up-to-date insights into your platform performance, data usage, and user adoption across your entire organization.

Sisense uses internal governance dashboards that enable better adoption monitoring, greater visibility into how data and dashboards are being used, and allow for better insights into performance.

Enable anyone to mash up data from everywhere for secure and agile analysis across a wide range of use cases without additional workflows.

Sisense Elastic Data Hub is designed to empower builders to publish BI apps — regardless of technical skill.

Tools for Data Engineers

Start building robust data pipelines with these capabilities:

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