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Create great user experiences and deliver rapidly with industry-leading API-driven analytics.

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Elevate Stand-Alone Dashboards to Fully Integrated Analytics Apps

The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform is purpose-built with a robust set of APIs and developer toolkits that let you build, customize, embed, and deploy custom analytics at scale. And the best news is that it does this without wasting your time on long, complex development processes. Unlike any other tool, Sisense gives you programmatic access across the analytics workflow to build and embed analytics apps as needed.

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Adapt and extend Sisense to meet any need

  • JavaScript APIs
  • Add-on framework
  • Sisense BloX


Simplify workflows and create a unified user experience

  • Single sign-on
  • Active Directory
  • Actions SDK script


Deliver insights at the point of decision making

  • Embed SDK
  • Sisense JS library


Scale and manage your analytics deployment programmatically

  • Kubernetes
  • HELM


Seamlessly fit Sisense into your deployment architecture

  • Linux or Windows
  • Cloud, on-prem, or hybrid
  • Single-tenant, multi-tenant, or hybrid

Sisense Developer Experience
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Endless Possibilities.

The Sisense DevX program is committed to empowering you with a rich set of tools, capabilities and resources to create tailor-made, seamless end-user experiences and bring innovative data products to market.

Learn more at the Sisense DevX Home.

Learn How These Companies
Built Custom Data Products


Tessitura empowered leading international arts organizations with highly custom and fully integrated data-driven insights embedded right into their unified enterprise CRM solution.

GE Healthcare RRA

GE provided white-labeled medical equipment dashboards to help their clients stay on top of maintenance and other equipment issues.

Philips Performance Bridge

Philips provided white labeled dashboards that offer at-a-glance insights into uptime, operations, and performance across your imaging equipment.


CTSI Global embedded white label analytics offering supports thousands of end users (and growing!) across billions of records, with every new customer buying access.


Innovaccer launched a successful embedded analytics solution to clients in just 30 days.

We used every bit of the Sisense interface, including the REST APIs, dashboards, widget JavaScript API, the silent installer, and the console app. The best thing I can say about Sisense is that we never ran into a use case that we couldn’t do. We were able to implement everything we needed.

Tour the Sisense Data & Analytics Platform for Developers

Power to the Developer

Ready to develop custom analytics applications? We’ve got you covered!
The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform helps you build application analytics with high-quality user experiences that address your unique business needs.

Easily customize visualizations and the overall look without extensive development that consume resources and time.

Sisense JavaScript APIs, Plugin Framework, REST APIs, and Sisense BloX enable developers to access capabilities across the platform to completely customize and white-label, as required.

Reduce the distance between operational workflows and analytics to drive adoption and stickiness.

Embed insights at the point of decision. Be up and running with minimal effort and leverage the Sisense web-native interface including native Javascript libraries and developer tools to blur the lines between Sisense and your analytics apps.

Scale your analytics deployment for thousands of users across customers and manage a complex deployment architecture at scale.

Automate and manage your entire deployment workflow from deployment to loading data models and dashboards to provisioning users and security. All this is done programmatically with the suite of Sisense APIs, SSO, and AD integration.

Maintain continuity and facilitate rapid deployment within a stable environment for users reflecting the operating systems (Windows/Linux), deployment architectures (pure SaaS/ single-tenant/ multi-tenant), and hosting environment (cloud/on-prem/hybrid).

Sisense supports any deployment environment (cloud/on-prem/managed services/hybrid), offering the flexibility to manage and monitor your analytics apps on Windows or Linux in a single-tenant, multi-tenant, or hybrid model.

Deploy and scale your cloud analytics infrastructure rapidly while enabling faster delivery and resiliency.

The Cloud-Native Sisense platform is purpose-built on a containerized microservices architecture that is multi-cloud and leverages Linux OS. All of this is coupled with best-of-breed technologies, including Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration.

Close the BI loop by sending data and post requests from inside your app analytics to external applications.

Sisense JavaScript APIs and Sisense BloX provide developers with the ability to leverage out-of-the-box actions or build custom actions. Users can kick off actions in other applications from within the context of analytics.

Tools for Developers

Start developing customizations and integrations with these capabilities:

Resources for Developers

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