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Powerful, secure, and scalable financial data analytics, that infuses intelligence into your workflows to drive decision-making and action. Propel your growth, capture every opportunity and add value to your customers with data from each transaction.

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Leverage financial data analytics to optimize opportunities, maximize profits and make strategic decisions with confidence

Leverage the vast volume of data generated by banking, financial institutions and customers, whatever the data, its format, and its source. Understand the numbers from every product, process and customer interaction. Confidently make better decisions, hone your offering and refine customer experience to drive growth.

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Infuse analytics directly into your users’ workflow to maximize adoption, and empower everyone in your organization to make intelligence-driven decisions. Create customized analytic experiences that your customers will love, by embedding analytics into your products and applications, at scale. Maximize the impact, value, ROI and control of financial data analytics with AI-powered intelligence, to stand out in your market.

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How Sisense infused analytics
boosts financial business intelligence

James Tickner, Head of Data Analytics for Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, uses Sisense for embedded interactive reporting for customers in IR Insight.

IR Insight is Nasdaq’s flagship product, a platform that gives Investor Relations teams access to information on investor ownership, real-time research, estimates data, and meeting analytics. Nasdaq’s customers can leverage the Nasdaq IR Insight platform to dissect and manipulate the data in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the industry.

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The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company dedicated to building the world’s greatest investment community. Its data team turned to Sisense because other tools they were using weren’t shareable enough with the whole company. 

They had a lot of data available, but it wasn’t accessible or easily consumable by most employees. Sisense enabled everyone across the business to see all the same data and reveal intelligence and data that was previously missed.

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Profectus is an international technology and services company providing rebate and deal management, contract compliance and accounts payable audits.

It processes billions of rows of transaction data for customers and uses Sisense to boost productivity, efficiency, and the accuracy of processing this vast volume of data at scale, in order to extract insights. 

Profectus can now unlock the data in Snowflake, to answer critical business questions, see the freshest data and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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Billie, is a fintech startup that offers online invoicing and payment solutions. Billie makes trust a priority, so business users can rely on its data and feel confident with the services and insights it provides. 

Sisense Fusion Analytics was the ideal platform to implement Billie’s OSS launch, enabling business users without advanced programming skills to explore data, and allowing Billie to execute all queries in its database with minimum prior code transformations.

Sisense infuses analytics throughout Billie’s product, so it’s testing mechanism ensures customers get reliable insights and prevents bad user experiences. End users aren’t even aware that these tests are running, and errors are fixed before they can go live.

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Orion is a premier portfolio accounting SaaS provider for financial advisors. Orion needed a powerful, dependable, accurate BI tool, accessible to all users to make informed business decisions involving huge volumes of data.

Orion tried to build its own solution, then chose Sisense after testing five other BI solutions. Orion’s customers wanted interactive pre-configured dashboards, to let them explore their data and drill down into details. Sisense worked perfectly for this: Orion embeds Sisense BI into its product and offers it to clients as part of its own platform.

98% of Orion’s clients adopted and find it easy to use for uncovering invaluable insights. Orion has seen its business nearly double since the rollout.

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Developed by Swiss National Bank, Iconomix helps start-ups and SMBs achieve profitable growth and maximize cash flow through structured financial management. One of its clients in the debt collection field needed to increase transparency, efficiency, and visibility of its accumulated operational and financial data — over 200 million rows, stored in  different formats. Having looked at almost every tool in the market, Iconomix chose Sisense.

Now, client stakeholders can easily access previously unavailable, and generate reports in just minutes instead of weeks.The client sees vastly improved efficiency and its employees now work in a much more collaborative fashion. Sisense has rapidly become a business-critical tool for Iconomix by adding value to clients and investors.

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Plaid is a data network that powers the fintech tools of millions of consumers to make it easy for them to connect their financial accounts with the apps and services they want to use. It is used by over 5,000 digital financial apps and services, and by many of the largest banks, and it connects with over 11,000 financial institutions across the U.S, Canada and Europe. Sisense enables Plaid to harness data to manage its Amazon Redshift performance.

Plaid uses Sisense as a business intelligence tool, in particular for tracking metrics around its core product usage, go-to-market strategy, and internal operations for customer support and project management. Sisense has increased the accessibility and use of analytics at Plaid. Faster query speeds and additional data sources have encouraged more teams to use it to track their KPIs.

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Yoco is an African payments and software platform that helps small businesses get paid, run their business better, and grow. It processes more than $170 million in credit card payments for over 18,000 businesses. With a massive volume of transactional data at their fingertips, Yoco wanted to improve its data analysis to understand merchants’ pain points and develop services that help their businesses grow. 

Yoco needed to generate analytical queries and reports quickly, and sought a data platform that provided a single source of truth, at scale. It moved its data into Amazon Redshift and needed a cloud-based vendor that could bring together multiple data sources. Sisense, integrating closely with AWS, became a natural fit. Sisense dramatically simplified Yoco’s data pipeline by bringing all data sources and segments together. It has ensured that Yoco continues to scale 2x to 3x each year, while answering questions and monitoring performance reliably.

Yoco plans to share even more of the insights they collect directly with merchants, by embedding dashboards to visualize insights directly. They are also excited to explore Sisense’s functionality for machine learning and other complex analyses.

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Secure big banking data with robust governance and compliance

The explosion of data in banking and financial services, plus increasing regulation and escalating cybercrime, means that data governance and security is a priority. With Sisense, protect complex data, while querying it and extracting valuable insights.

Tailor your data storage and governance to regulatory requirements and in-house policy, either on-premise on in the Cloud. Get complete security through controls that limit who sees sensitive data, so teams and individuals only access the data they need.

Real-time analytics means you are always aware of emerging risks and opportunities, so you can manage your services, best advise your customers and maximise profits.

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