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See how companies like yours transform their data into actionable intelligence for a wide variety of use cases. Explore our library of ready-to-connect templates to easily identify the data sources, KPIs and visualizations specific to your industry or department, and download the implementation kits to connect to your actual data sources or experiment with sample data.

Digital Marketing Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC managers and digital marketing executives need to know where each dollar is going and how it affects the overall sales funnel. This template can help marketing departments and agencies increase sales generated from pay-per-click advertising by monitoring costs, impressions and lead quality. The data is taken from combining CRM, advertising and other systems to paint a complete picture of overall spend and results.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEOs often struggle to understand how website traffic translates into actual business opportunities. This template aims to fix this problem by connecting web traffic data (from Google Analytics or similar) to CRM data. In addition, it allows SEM professionals to see trends in overall traffic, time on site and bounce rate, as indicative signs to answer the question of “are we bringing in the right traffic?”

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Customer Service Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Call Center Analytics

Managing a call center requires being constantly dialled into the latest metrics and KPIs so you can reduce handling times, increase productivity, and meet service level agreements. Call centers are committed to delivering the highest level of service to their customers, which is why they need to be able to meticulously monitor their performance.

This BI solution increases the visibility of real time, business-critical metrics providing the company with the information needed to respond to challenges before they become crises.

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Customer Satisfaction / Net Promoter Score

Understanding how satisfied and therefore how loyal your customers might be is important from any company to know because happy and returning customers are likely to grow future revenue and profits.

However, most customers surveys are complex, expensive and hard to interpret. In response to this, the net promoter score was developed as ‘the one number you need to know’: how likely is that you would recommend company/product/service to a friend or colleague? This template gives you a framework for monitoring your customers’ level of satisfaction based on this metric.

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Help Desk Tickets

This solution will cover the main business questions we’re expecting to find in B2B Help Desk activity. We’d like to analyze our backlog of tickets and measure our agent’s efficiency against our benchmarks/goals. Moreover, we’ll be able to advise product development teams on weak areas within our product by analyzing the nature of our customer’s tickets.

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Finance Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Investment Portfolio

The investment portfolio dashboard is meant to keep investment managers up to date with portfolio performance and allocations. The data will allow managers to change allocations on the fly as well as keep their clients informed on performance.

The goals of this dashboard are to report and analyze stock trends to better allocate future investments, and to understand the market and the direction it is heading.

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Profit and Loss (P&L)

A profit and loss statement (P&L) is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time, usually a fiscal quarter or year.

The P&L report is prepared as frequently as managers need them, usually monthly or quarterly. A P&L report goes to the manager in charge of each profit center; these confidential profit reports do not circulate outside the business.

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Profit Margin Analysis (CFO Dashboard)

The Net Profit Margin KPI measures how effective your business is at generating profit on each dollar of revenue you bring in. This financial KPI is a measure of the profitability of the business and is instrumental in making long- and short-term financial decisions.

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Real Price Earnings Ratio

The P/E is the most common metric in stock analysis and looks at the relationship between the stock price and the company’s earnings. An assessment of relative share price attractiveness compared to the shares of rival companies provides executives with insights into the ease of attracting investments capital as well as the attractiveness of potential takeover bids. If the share-price is trading lower than it should, based on the earnings expected, a company will make an attractive takeover target.

Use this dashboard to understand how attractive the business’s shares are to potential investors.

Sales and Marketing Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Customer Engagement

In order to build a loyal customer base that delivers superior financial returns, it’s absolutely necessary to understand the overall satisfaction of the customers. This information allows the company to improve itself in each area where i is lacking of proficiency, efficiency, service, customer relations or any other aspect that can ensure stronger engagement from the customer side.

This BI solution is used to increase revenue by retaining current customers, encourage them to expand their use with company products and make them ‘promoters’ as a result of high satisfaction.

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Customer Churn (SaaS)

Keeping the customers we already have is usually better and cheaper than trying to find and win new ones. This is why most businesses aim to convert first-time buyers into long-term profitable customers. Customer Churn is a powerful analysis as part of the retention efforts, and takes into account the percentage of subscribers to a service who discontinue their subscriptions to that service within a given time period.

This BI solution is meant to help you retain as many customers as possible.

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Growth Share

Relative market share indexes a firm’s or a brand’s market share against that of its leading competitor. For example, if a company sells one out of every four computers, it has a 25 percent market share in computers. The relative market share measures the company’s market share compared with the percentage of the market it does not control. According to studies, relative market shares of 33 percent or larger are considered strong.

This BI solution enables you to assess a firm or a brand’s success and its position in the market.

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Leads-to-Win Ratio

Understanding your sales funnel and its key components is critical before you can begin to evaluate and improve results – starting from leads through to closing sales opportunities.

By analyzing the efficiency of your sales funnel, you will be able to spot bottlenecks and take the required action to improve the health of your business. Armed with the idea that each proposal has a sales funnel of its own, you will be able to advance your business proposals to new levels.

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Relative Market Share

In order to evaluate the strength of a particular firm within a specific market, relative market share can shed some light into new opportunities for improvements, compare performance vis-a-vis a different market, and more. For instance, 30% market share might sound like a good place to be. However, when it is normalized according to a leading competitor which has 65%, the 58% relative market share emphasizes the distance from the market lead and indicates that there is a lot of room for improvement.

This BI solution helps you assess the company’s relative market share to the market lead, as well as the company’s growth potential.

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Sales Calls Analysis

For some organizations, mostly global companies, the majority of the selling process takes place via phone calls\online meetings. In the last few years a few companies have been established for one purpose – to allow those organizations to analyze their sales calls with prospects in order to find opportunities to improve their sale process.

This BI solution is meant to help you identify covariates that can significantly impact the chance to close a deal.

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Manufacturing Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Quality Index

In general, quality can be defined as ‘the ability of a product or service to fully meet the customer’s expectations, or fit for the customer’s intended use of the product. According to this definition, quality is all about the customer, the expectation from the product or service and how it is delivered.

This BI solution looks at severl metrics that will help you answer the question of whether the products you are manufacturing are fit for purpose.

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Process and Machine Downtime

As a manufacturing business, one of the main areas of focus is utilization of the production floor. In the case examined here, the factory works 24\7 and every production stop reduces the total units that can be produced and therefore undermines revenue and profitability. Understanding trends, main root causes and other insights from analyzing this data will enable the organization to focus on the most crucial improvements that need to be made.

Use this BI solution to maximize production utilization in order to achieve higher profitability.

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Retail Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Distribution Management

This BI solution is meant to help a retail business improve its performance in terms of profitability, with a focus on distribution processes. Like any other business, the main objective of retailers is to achieve continuous improvement in that area. Other factors, such as back office management costs (inventory, procurement, production etc.), shipping and product attributes are beyond the scope of this solution.

This BI solution template contains 5 dashboards that will help you identify key factors that have the largest effect on profitability and improve sales force performance.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Waste Reduction

Measuring and monitoring the amount of waste a company generates can give it insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations as well as their environmental and social impact.

The goal of this BI solution is to help minimize the amount of waste we generate.

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Energy Consumption

Several factors make the energy consumption reducement part of company’s agenda and sometimes part of company’s strategic KPIs, including energy prices, environmental protection and regulation.

This BI solution is meant to help your company decrease energy consumption and encourage energy conservation across the company’s facilities.

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Human Resources (HR) Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Salary Competitiveness

Understanding how the salary our company pays compares to what competing employers provide their employees in similar positions gives us insight into the competitiveness of our company as a potential employer.

Companies want to ensure that they offer a salary that is fair and competitive on the one hand, while avoiding inflated salary costs on the other hand. Comparing our salary rate with those offered in the industry will provide these insights.

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Time to Hire

Measuring the hiring process can contribute to organizational efforts to reduce the above by getting insights into the process. This will allow the organization to identify areas that it needs to improve\maintain\develop and take action accordingly.

This BI solution is meant to identify bottlenecks and opportunities in the hiring process in order to improve efficiency, avoid lost revenue and additional costs by reducing the time it takes for the organization to hire new employees.

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Healthcare Dashboard and Data Model Templates

Hospital Donations

As many hospitals base their budget on donations, it’s important to track trends to better plan for the next annual budget and to find ways to increase the engagement of the donors and ensure financial stability.

This BI solution helps identify opportunities to increase engagement by running campaigns that effectively engage donors, and improve overall donationso overt ime.

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Physician Allocation

In order to avoid delayed treatment, inappropriate appointment setup, increased wait time and patient dissatisfaction it is important to analyze our health care plan physicians allocation.

This BI solution is meant to help deliver better care by streamlining physician allocation and improve the ratio of patients per physician.

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