Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence Dashboards

Easily Analyze and Visualize Complex Multi-Channel Marketing Data

Modern marketing is all about data. Sisense connects to your existing web analytics, CRM and advertising
platforms and to give you complete visibility and insight into your entire funnel.

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See and Analyze All Your Marketing
Data Sources

Is your marketing data dispersed between many disparate systems and platforms, making it impossible to see the forest from the trees of channels, tools and campaigns? With Sisense, marketing analytics will take all your data into account – allowing you to see, analyze, and combine all of your data sources to gain a deeper knowledge of how you acquire leads, opportunities and customers.

Built-in connectors

Marketing Data Sources Dashboard

marketing data visualization

Understand the Full Life Cycle
of Leads and Customers

Sisense business intelligence for marketing lets you see the big picture of your data, or to drill into the most granular details of a particular prospect — from acquisition to retention. Drive new insights into how the leads you are bringing in are behaving further down the funnel, and ensure you’re bringing in the right leads at the right time to continue driving sales and revenue.

Self-Service Marketing Dashboards
for Non-Techies

Sisense lets non-technical marketers analyze complex data with unparalleled ease. The In-Chip data engine gives you the power to crunch big data from multiple sources without extensive IT or hardware resources, and to easily create data models and acquire new insights from your data using marketing dashboards anyone can understand.

Dashboard examples

lead generation dashboard
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Ad-hoc Data Analysis at Speed

Don’t settle for seeing the same data you already have with nicer graphics: Sisense goes beyond data visualization and empowers marketers and marketing analysts to perform deep analysis of data from many disparate sources. No more canned reports – ask any question you want about your data, and get the answers you need on the spot.

Product overview

Interactive Analytics

Scheduled PDF Reports with Sisense

Build and Share Beautiful Reports in Minutes

With Sisense marketing analytics software, it’s incredibly easy to collaborate and share knowledge between team members and departments. Simplify complex data stories into neat interactive marketing dashboards, and share the results via any browser, native mobile apps or via scheduled email PDF reports.

Reporting tools

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