Using Sisense BI Software for User Activity Analysis

There is a wealth of valuable business intelligence available in the user activity data generated by Internet businesses such as these:

User Activity Analytics Yields Significant Business Benefits

Accurate insight into how people are using your online service yields many compelling business benefits.

Examples include:

The Technical Challenge of Achieving Actionable User Activity Analytics

The technical challenges in achieving actionable insight are formidable in these types of Internet-based services due to the following factors:

Mashing up large amounts of data from many sources so that it can be used for BI and analytics has traditionally required large investments in hardware, software and professional services. Conventional BI systems or BI tools, relying on data warehouse solutions and technologies such as OLAP, take too long to implement, are very expensive and are too inflexible. Running queries against operational databases is not an option. To make the best business decisions, Web-generation managers need on-demand, drill-down, slice-and-dice, ask-any-question creative user data analysis.

From Mountains of Raw Data to Deep User Activity Analytics in a Day!

No other BI solution in the world can provide Internet companies with the speed, ease, power and flexibility they need to analyze their user activity data.

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