Business Intelligence for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Sisense takes hotels, agencies, airlines and other travel & hospitality businesses to the next level by empowering them
to take hold of their digital information and produce rapid insights into consumers, markets and business operations.

Turn Complex Data into Streamlined Processes and Better Customer Experience

Today’s travel and hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. Hotels, airlines and online booking agencies need to make sense of troves of sales, marketing and operational data to understand consumer behavior, offer the best deals and prices, and adapt to changing markets. Sisense gives professionals in these industries the business intelligence solution they need to simplify complex data and generate immediate insights

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Travel Analytics

See the Full Picture of Bookings, Online Demand, and Targeted Marketing Efforts

Our business intelligence software gives senior executives, marketers, strategists, and research professionals the simplest way to tap into big and disparate datasets and reach true analytical insights by combining multiple sources – all in a single and easy to use tool that’s built for business users, enabling data-savvy professionals to prepare, analyze and visualize any data in minutes.

Why Sisense

Analytics for Hotel
and Vacation Bookings

Understand market and consumer trends, customer demographics for destination, demand and sentiment analysis. Find the best time and place to offer unique deals and determine the most relevant pricing for flights to increase customer loyalty while driving optimal revenue. Lower, raise or hold rates depending on the number of expected travelers, use predictive insights to increase online bookings, and leverage data to target specific markets.

See how Magellan Vacations cuts costs and boosts data access with Sisense.

Fairfly uses BI to improve online flight ticket sales

boost inn

Image via Boost-inn

BI for Hospitality and Hotel Management

Quickly build management dashboards and monitor key metrics such as average daily rate, revenue per available room / booking, and average rate index. Dive deeper into your data by seeing a granular view of marketing campaigns, occupancy levels and more on a geographical, demographic or other basis. Get answers to analytical questions as fast as you can think of them to always be fully booked.

Read the case study: Boost-inn gives hotel chains deep insights using Sisense Embedded Analytics

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