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Sisense Product Demonstration

Ready to See Sisense in Action? See how Sisense gives you the ability to easily go from scattered data to beautiful dashboards in just minutes – with little to no help from IT.
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Sisense BloX: Turn Your Dashboards into Actionable Analytics Applications

January 31, 2019 10:00 am EST

Sisense BloX makes it easier than ever to create custom, actionable analytic applications from complex data by leveraging powerful prebuilt templates to integrate application like functionality into dashboards. Sign Up Now

Best Practices in BI Adoption

February 6, 2019 12:00 pm EST

February 7, 2019 12:00 pm GMT

Why do you need a solid user adoption plan? Because your dashboards and the actionable insights they provide are worth nothing if no one is using them! The best user adoption plans are built alongside your dashboards and adjusted as your BI project expands to ensure full adoption and utilization of BI resources by all of your stakeholders. Join this webinar to learn the best practices Sisense experts recommend to driving solid adoption in your organization. Sign Up Now

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Important BI Trends to Watch Going Into 2019

Listen to industry expert Howard Dresner, founder of Dresner Advisory and Sisense VP Go-to-Market PeggySue Werthessen discuss the critical analytics trends for 2019. From adopting cloud solutions, deploying AI to compliance with evolving privacy regulations understand how these trends and others are disrupting the data and analytics landscape. View Webinar

Hunch™, A New Class of Big Data Analytics

Sisense Hunch™ is a new category of high performance analysis for big data. Leveraging artificial intelligence Hunch enables the compression and blazing fast analysis of big data sets. In this webinar discover how this radical new approach works and why it creates new opportunities to analyze massive data sets. View Webinar

Sisense 7.3 Release

Join our 7.3 Release Webinar to learn more about:
  • Usage Analytics: Improve user engagement with dashboard analytics
  • Snowflake & Google BigQuery Connectors: Deliver both cached ElastiCube and mult-table Live Data Models
  • Generic JDBC Connector: Connect natively to more applications and databases on the web
  • New DevOps and Admin featuers: More options to authenticate users and automate High Availability.
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How to Successfully Embed an Analytics Solution

You’ve made the business decision to embed analytics into your product or service. Now what? This three-part webinar series will help prepare you as you plan your requirements, implementation, and go-to-market strategy. Gain best practices and lessons from the trenches from a mix of subject matter experts and Sisense customers who have successfully brought an embedded analytics solution to market. View Webinar

Sisense Masters Training

Take your Sisense knowledge to the next level with these in-depth webinars on Sisense best practices, architecture and administration. Expand your front-end dashboard and visualization skills to distinguish yourself as a Sisense power user.

All webinars will be available on the Sisense Masters Learning Platform shortly after the live events. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you don't have a login. View Webinar

Improve Marketing Performance with Insights from BI Software

The cost of marketing within an organization can be challenging to justify and it can be even more difficult to directly measure the ROI across a business. Using Sisense’s innovative business intelligence software, Position2 will present a comprehensive overview of how to align marketing and business objectives, increase efficiency and contribution margin visibility, and drill down to expose key data points for accurately tracking the successes and failures of marketing activities. View Webinar

Découvrir Sisense en Action

Découvrez comment construire rapidement des tableaux de bord, connecter Sisense à vos propres données et prendre des décisions judicieuses. View Webinar

Customer Success: A Sneak Peak into Achieving Customer Centricity

We all say “Customer is King”, but how many organizations have used it to shift their approach to doing business. In this session, Gali Kedar, VP of Customer Success at Sisense, explains why re-focusing your business philosophy and operations on customer success is good for business and how Sisense utilizes Sisense to better measure and manage Customer Success KPIs. View Webinar

Sisense Gong Webinar

Star sales performers usually make up approximately 20% of a sales team. Another 60% have average numbers and the last 20% are poor performers. Join this webinar to see how, based on the analysis of 1M sales calls, and Sisense can help you turn average reps into superstars. View Webinar

Single-Stack™ Solution… Is It the Answer to Your Data Disorganization?

How many data tools are you currently using? Are details getting left behind? In this webinar, we will explore what a Single-Stack™ solution means for your business and how it can help consolidate your day-to-day efforts. View Webinar

BI Dashboards on the Big Screen

Trupanion, one of North America’s leading providers of pet insurance, has taken its BI to the next level by displaying dashboards on TV monitors across the entire organization. View Webinar

Sisense Narratives Webinar

Sisense Narratives, we use natural language generation (NLG) to automatically present you with calculations and insights in plain, easy to understand language based on what the engine recognizes as interesting. View Webinar

Priming the Analytical Engine: Accelerated Insight With Efficient Data Prep

In this webinar you will hear Michael Lock, VP and Principal Analytics & BI Analyst at Aberdeen Group, give a glimpse into the top challenges surrounding data preparation. Understand why developing a best-in-class strategy to manage your organization’s data is more urgent than ever. View Webinar

Success Factors for Embedded Analytics Every Exec Must Know

During this webinar Wayne Eckerson of the Eckerson Group and Sisense's Aviad Harell will take you through a list of the key business and technical success factors for embedding analytics into an application. View Webinar

Search, Discover, Achieve: Harnessing Natural Language to Deliver Business Results

Effective decision makers blend experience and instinct with supporting data. The strategic alignment of analytical capabilities and clean, usable data makes that possible. Natural language generation (NLG) and search-driven analytics are just a few of the new technologies companies are using to connect their most potent business minds with the right data. In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can leverage NLP to enhance business performance. View Webinar

Monitor Your Data with Sisense

Presenters: Orit Mansur, BI Consultant at Sisense An insightful dashboard depends not only on your data model and dashboard design, but also on your data integrity. To ensure that your data is accurate and complete, your data model must not contain many-to-many relationships, and the queries you run must not create hidden many-to-many relationships. In this session, we will demonstrate how to use Sisense to monitor the quality of your data in the Elasticube and in dashboards View Webinar

Developing Custom REST Connectors

Presenter: Douglas Bergquist, Sales Engineer at Sisense Sisense lets you import data from multiple sources using built-in connectors or by a customized connector. Sisense custom REST connectors enable you to program your own connectors to popular data sources which support REST services, to import data directly into the ElastiCube Manager. In this developer’s targeted technical webinar, Douglas Bergquist will walk you through the connectors creation highlight View Webinar

Cloud or On-Prem BI – Which is Right for You?

Speakers: Join Janette Koiser, Sisense Head of Product Marketing With an influx of cloud-based solutions popping up all over the place, jumping on the bandwagon when considering a Business Intelligence solution might seem like the right thing to do. However, how do you know a cloud-based BI solution is the right choice for your organization? View Webinar

2018: The Year of Business Intelligence Evolution

2018 is here and is sure to hold some profound, exciting changes in business intelligence. From the rise in the use of AI algorithms to the essential need to interact with data in a more natural way, the next 365 days will change the way we think about data.

Hear from Howard Dresner, President, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, Amit Shivpuja, Head of Business Intelligence at HTC VIVE, and Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense, as they share their unique perspectives on the developments and trends leading the BI revolution in 2018.

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Sisense Sensei: Lead Generation & Marketing

Presenter: Ilan Hertz, Head of Lead Generation at Sisense Join us to see first hand how our Head of Lead Gen, Ilan Hertz, uses Sisense to gain insights on the best performing campaigns, identify gaps or white space in the sales flow, and optimize lead generation programs to bring in higher quality leads. View Webinar

Sisense 6.7

View our new release webinar to discover all the latest features included in Sisense 6.7 - from smarter Sisense Narratives and Plug-in Management, to New Mobile Drilling and Export Enhancements-you'll be able to more quickly understand your data and create the most powerful data-driven environment for your team. View Webinar

Total Cost of Ownership: Eliminating the Hidden Risk

Presenters: Martin Butler, Founder of Butler Analytics & Adam Blau, Product Marketing Manager at Sisense Calculating the total cost of ownership for a BI tool may seem simple but there are some hidden risks you may not know about. In this webinar, we will discuss common pitfalls when pricing out BI tools, how to reduce total cost of ownership, risks in deploying a solution that doesn’t work for your end users, and benefits of proper calculation and implementation. View Webinar

Unleash Instant ROI With Embedded Analytics

Presenters: Sean Stephenson, Director of Technical Sales at Quali & Janette Kosior, Head of Product Marketing at Sisense Join Sean Stephenson, Director of Technical Sales at Quali, and Janette Kosior, Head of Product Marketing at Sisense, as they discuss how embedding analytics can quickly help you expand your product offering and customer base, save time and resources, and see ROI in six months. View Webinar

Beyond the Hype: Introducing IoT and Cloud into Your Business for Greater Insights

Presenters: Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense and Aaron Hayes, Senior Software Architect at Premium Retail Services You’ve probably heard IoT is a great way to leverage powerful BI and get better and faster insights, increase efficiencies across your organization, and align departments around their goals. But how can you actually implement IoT in a meaningful way? In this webinar join Ani Manian, Sisense’s Head of Product Strategy, and Aaron Hayes, Senior Software Architect at Premium Retail Services, as they discuss how you can bring your data beyond the screen. See first hand how Premium Retail Services uses Amazon’s Alexa for a competitive edge, and what to look for – and avoid – when pushing your organization to become even more data driven. View Webinar

How to Scale your BI Infrastructure for 2018 Growth

Speakers: Robbie Ternoven, Sisense Technical Solutions Consultant How big or complex is your data going to get in 2018? Join our upcoming webinar “How to Scale your BI Infrastructure for 2018 Growth” to ensure you are thinking about the big picture and won’t be caught unprepared. View Webinar

Self-Service Machine Learning

In this Data Science Central Webinar we will demonstrate how to implement a classification model in a generic manner that can be used by many customers, without relying on specific data, and by automating the validation process ensuring minimum overfit introduced. It will outline the challenges in such a scenario and ways to mitigate them. Specifically, the case study will demonstrate implementing a Decision Tree model and visualize it using a dynamic UI component. View Webinar

What Advance Analytics will Look Like in the Future

Speakers: Adam Blau, Sisense Product Marketing Manager & Michal Becker, Business Analyst from QBeeQ Join us for the next webinar in the Bright Talk series of Advanced Analytics where we will discuss the future of advanced analytics, and how it can be shaped for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. View Webinar

Analytics on the Front Lines

Healthcare organizations benefit dramatically when everyone—including clinicians, administrators, and executive management—has at-their-fingertips access to rich, actionable analytic insight. But how can you effectively and efficiently deploy analytics everywhere? Join us to learn more! View Webinar

Connecting to Live Data

Presenters: Evan Castle, Product Manager at Sisense, and Inbar Rodan, Training Manager at Sisense Access to the most recent data is critical for effective decision making. Sisense new Live Connect enables you to effortlessly analyze data directly from the data source. Display data from live and Elasticube sources in the same dashboard to see both historical results and immediate updates. View Webinar

The Trifecta of the Embedded Business Intelligence Decision

Presenters: Martin Butler, Founder at Butler Analytics, Scott Stranton, Chief Data Scientist, VP Product Analytics at Pulse8, Inc. and Ahuva Hazan-Fuchs, Product Manager at Sisense Deciding to embed business analytics into your application will fundamentally shift your product strategy and execution plan. During this webinar will discuss the three perspectives of the strategic, business and product teams as they come together to make a decision that will shape the success of their product. View Webinar

Sisense 6.6: Real-time Insights into Every Layer of Your Business

Presenters: Josh Benamram, Product Marketing & Zohar Tzfoni, Product Manager See the new features in our latest release, and discover how Sisense 6.6 can give you deeper insights faster, into both the big picture and the fine details of your business activity. See all of the new features, including Sisense Live Connect, Dev-to-Production, new connectors and more. View Webinar

Improving Efficiencies in Healthcare Using BI

Presenters: Brian Bontrager, Senior BI Systems Architect at Advocate Radiology Billing & Brian Tait, CTO at ReMy Health The use of analytics in healthcare allows organizations to identify areas in which they can improve both their operational efficiency and quality of care. However, generating a lot of information isn’t enough – you need the right tools to put that data to good use. Deploying the right technology tools and analytics strategies to support business intelligence and measure what’s going on in your healthcare organization is key to optimizing the quality of information being generated and quality of care being given. View Webinar

Top 9 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

The data landscape is constantly evolving, and the proliferation of smart devices, machine learning, and embedded analytics promises to introduce many exciting new breakthroughs in business intelligence in 2017. Hear our panel of thought leaders discuss their predictions for BI in 2017. View Webinar

Data Modeling Fundamentals with Sisense Elasticube

Presenter: Hila Kantor, BI Consultant Get to know the data modeling fundamentals towards building your Sisense Elasticube. Join Hila Kantor as she presents fundamental data modeling skills that every analyst should have to quickly turn data into insights. View Webinar

Introducing Sisense 6.5: The Future of Smart Data Alerts & Data Integrations

We are thrilled to introduce you to Sisense 6.5, the new realm of smart, automated business insights from dozens of new and existing data sources. Throw in deeper analytics, an improved user experience and a ton of other tweaks, and you’ve got the most powerful and robust BI platform to date. View Webinar

Machine Learning Is Set To Unlock The Power of Business Intelligence

Presenters: Philip Lima, CEO at Mashey and Boaz Farkash, Head of Product Management at Sisense Machine learning can identify patterns that humans tend to overlook or can’t find easily in masses of data. Organizations have begun to notice that by using machine learning, they are able to make new discoveries, as well as identify and solve issues faster, gaining the competitive edge over their competition. Join Boaz Farkash, Sisense Head of Product Management and Philip Lima, Mashey’s CEO, as they explore how Machine Learning is unlocking the power of Business Intelligence. View Webinar

Telling a Story Through Data: Dashboard Design Guidelines

Presenter: Inbar Rodan, Training Manager There are many factors that need to be taken into account when deciding which elements to include in a dashboard. During this webinar we’ll take you through the best practices and most common mistakes of dashboard UX design, so you can create the best and most clear dashboard for your data. View Webinar

The Impact of Working with Date Filters & Data in Your Dashboard

Presenter: Inbal Dilmani, BI Consultant Datasets that include dates enable you to have more options for manipulating your results by adding date-based attributes to your query. During this webinar we’ll practice how to build central Dim Date tables by creating custom fields and other useful tips for date data. View Webinar

Increasing Adoption of BI Within Your Organization

Presenter: Sarah Michel, BI Manager at Trupanion What’s the best way to get your entire company on board with a new Business Intelligence system? Join Sarah Michel, BI Manager at Trupanion, as she presents the steps her company took to successfully implement their BI solution and drive adoption of BI across every department. View Webinar

Getting Your BI to Deliver Actionable Insights

Together with Boris Evelson, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Sisense Head of Product Strategy, Ani Manian, you’ll get a glimpse of the future of BI. Explore the latest discoveries in BI, Agile BI, big data and artificial intelligence. Uncover best practices for merging business and technology management, and ultimately getting your BI to deliver tangible insights. View Webinar

How Trupanion Learned the Truth About Their Company Using BI

Discover how Trupanion, the fastest growing pet insurance provider in North America, uses Sisense to track real-time performance across the organization, give visibility and insights to all company departments, and build accurate reporting and forecasting. View Webinar

Visualization Software Is Only Half of What You Need

Visualization tools make data look great, but that's only half of what BI tools need to offer. Most analysis effort goes towards managing data – tasks visualization software simply can't handle like joining and preparing data. Are you limiting the full power of BI? View Webinar

Convey Your Message at a Glance

Presenters: Aryeh Primus Data Engineer at Sisense Having a hard time deciding the best way to visualize your data? How can you convey your message and provide the right business context with just a glance? In this webinar Aryeh Primus discusses statistical measurement types and their properties, analyzing data in accordance with measurement types, and choosing the right visualization to support your message. View Webinar

Self-Sufficient Data Discovery by Design

Learn how you can use interactive sharing environments, rich data visualization, and mobile capabilities to empower everyone in your organization to feel comfortable analyzing data and gain self-sufficient data discovery. View Webinar

Data Visualization IS NOT Self Service BI – The Case for IoT in BI

Presenters: Lee Hermon, Sisense Engagement Manager & Adi Azaria, Sisense co-founder & Chief Evangelist Businesses today already know that visualization in business intelligence is an essential part of competitive success. Yet, too many organizations are falling behind because of the inability to keep up with demand for information. One mistake is thinking that self-serve data visualization is all they need when setting up a self-service BI environment. Debunking the common myth, we will explore why data visualization IS NOT self-service BI. View Webinar

How to Successfully Implement a Business Intelligence Solution

Presenter: Inbar Rodan, Training Manager Launching a BI solution is tricky: before diving into charts, you need to understand what the business hopes to achieve. Watch Sisense’s Implementation Methodology Webinar to learn how to successfully roll out a BI solution from start to finish. View Webinar

Demystifying Data Modeling

Understanding data modeling can help you get the best insights out of your data. The challenge of data modeling is to understand how to work with complex data in order to standardize, structure and optimize data to gets accurate insights quickly. View Webinar

Migrating Sisense Dashboards Across Environments

Presenters: Inbar Rodan, Customer Training Manager at Sisense & Ahuva Hazan-Fuchs, Product Manager at Sisense If you use multiple servers for your Sisense deployment, you’ve probably run across the need to move dashboards across environments. The latest version of Sisense introduces new capabilities, allowing Administrators and Designers to maintain multiple copies of their dashboards and migrate quickly and easily across multiple environments. In this webinar we will explore the new capabilities within Sisense, such as migrating new dashboards across environments & updating existing dashboards across environments. View Webinar

Embedded Analytics: Empowering User Success with Amplified Applications

Solution providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have taken notice and made efforts to bolster their solutions with a greater breadth of powerful analytical capabilities. On this webinar, join Mike Lock, Aberdeen’s V.P. & Principal Analyst for Business Intelligence as he discusses key research findings on embedded analytics. View Webinar

A Practical Guide: Building your BI Business Case for 2017

Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense and Philip Lima, Chief Development Officer at Mashey share useful insights on how to construct a solid internal business case for investing in BI, and how to drive your company to a purchasing decision. View Webinar

How to Build a Better Dashboard: Behind the Scenes Design Workshop

Dashboards enable people to visualize things which are not obvious, draw accurate conclusions and point decision making in the right direction. But what does it take to communicate effectively with data? View Webinar

How to Successfully Evaluate Business Analytics Software

Presenters: Martin Butler, Founder of Butler Analytics, and Adam Blau, Account Executive at Sisense. Join Martin Butler, Founder of Butler Analytics, and Adam Blau, Account Executive at Sisense, as they discuss the best way to go about evaluating your BI software down to the smallest details, including a selection template for supplier, functionality, architecture, and administration. Follow their steps and take your business to the next level. View Webinar

How Utilizing Analytics and IoT Creates True Data-Driven Companies

Presenters: Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense & Martha Bennett, Forrester Principal Analyst Business Intelligence is hitting a crossroads. On the one hand, data is getting bigger and more complex while on the other hand more business users, without analytics backgrounds, are demanding the keys to the kingdom. By utilizing analytics BI shifts into the organization’s DNA, laying the foundation for creating a true data-driven company. Join guest speaker, Martha Bennett, Forrester Principal Analyst, and Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense as they explore market trends and share their insights on how to navigate rising expectations and data complexity, towards integrating data as a core part of your company’s culture. View Webinar

Sisense Chatbot Turns Business Analytics Into a Two-Way Conversation

Presenter: Adi Azaria, Sisense Co-founder and Chief Evangelist Get a glimpse into the forefront of BI. Instead of just being glued to plain vanilla dashboards, enjoy a total sensory experience with Sisense Bots – the new, bold way to consume business insights. Have a two-way conversation about your data with Sisense Chatbot – your own personal data assistant. View Webinar

Getting Started with R in Sisense

Presenter: Nir Regev, Data Scientist at Sisense During this webinar Nir will dive deep into integrating R Code snippets in Sisense: Preparing data, Choosing a widget , invoking R script and integrating R script results back to the Sisense widget. View Webinar