2018: The Year of Business Intelligence Evolution

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It’s A New Year!

2018 is here and is sure to hold some profound, exciting changes in business intelligence. From the rise in the use of AI algorithms to the essential need to interact with data in a more natural way, the next 365 days will change the way we think about data.

Hear from Howard Dresner, President, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, Amit Shivpuja, Head of Business Intelligence at HTC VIVE, and Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense, as they share their unique perspectives on the developments and trends leading the BI revolution in 2018.

Join This Webinar As We Discuss:

  • The shift to online data storage
  • The increase in AI algorithm usage
  • The requirement to interact with data in more natural, familiar way
  • The need to leverage data as a strategic asset


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