Workshop: Align Your Data Model with Your Business Needs

Watch a hands-on workshop on how to optimize data structures & extract insights

Data environments are growing exponentially: not only is there more data, but there are more scattered data sources. Yet, the value of understanding this data is critical for businesses to gain a competitive advantage and make data-driven decisions.

Sit back and watch Sisense’s BI Implementation Methodology Workshop to learn how to optimize data structures to help you easily explore and extract meaningful insights out of any type of data. Watch our wonderful lineup of speakers as they take you through the fundamentals of BI Implementation.

  • Old vs New: Trends in the Data Analytics Landscape,
    Guy Levy-Yurista, Head of Product at Sisense
  • Measuring Your Business Performance, Setting Meaningful KPI’s,
    Martin Butler, Founder at Butler Analytics
  • Data Modeling: Industry’s Best Practices,
    Bill Maynard, Director of Enterprise Architecture at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Sisense Success Story,
    Bahadour Moussa,Evangelist at Boost-Inn
  • Analysis with Agile BI,
    Evan Castle, Product Manager at Sisense

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Sisense Customers

“A new class of self-service tool optimized for the caching capabilities of modern microprocessors has in-chip technology that can radically reduce the need for upfront data preparation and modeling. Such accelerated analytics can help drive faster decision making and bottom-line impact.”