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Sisense Fusion – Analytics Gets Personal

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The day-to-day activities of workers across your organization differs and so does the way they interact with data and analytics.  Jumping from application to application to get the answers they need or perform the analysis the business or even your customers require can be time consuming and often hard to interpret. What if there was a way to access, model and deliver analytics the way you want to?

Sisense Fusion doesn’t discriminate, whether you are a business leader, data analyst, developer, or even a product manager, we provide a platform for you to perform analytics the way you or your customers want it.  Join this webinar to learn how users inside and outside of your organization can infuse analytics to:

  • Take control of the decision making process with self-service analytics
  • Leverage SQL and Python in Sisense notebooks for advanced analytics
  • Integrate with Git to manage the lifecycle of their analytic assets
  • Embed insights into internal and customers applications

Featured Speakers

Scott Castle

VP GTM Strategy


Matt Madden

Sr. Director, GTM


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