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Embed to Win

So you’ve decided to embed insights into your product to gain a competitive edge, monetize your data, or both! You’ve already decided on the right metrics and visualizations to suit your customers’ needs.

Now the question is how can you best embed analytics given your requirements and constraints? What are your options? How do you white-label and embed analytics into your product? 

This live demo session will take you through the different approaches you can choose from and help you make an informed decision.

What you will learn:

  • Explore the primary methods for embedding Sisense
  • Learn the tradeoffs for each method and best practices to ensure a successful deployment
  • Follow a live walkthrough of the different approaches

Learn more at sisense.dev!

Featured Speakers

Moti Granovsky

Head of Developer Relations


Shruthi Panicker, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for Sisense for Product Teams, Sisense

Shruthi Panicker

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


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