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Cloud-Native Sisense: On Demand Webinar

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Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux

Engineered from the Ground Up on Best-Of-Breed Cloud Technologies

Join the next wave of digital disruption with Sisense’s ground-breaking Cloud-Native Data & Analytics Platform. Purpose built from the ground-up on a containerized microservices architecture, Cloud-Native Sisense leverages best-of-breed technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to enable faster delivery, reliability, and scalability. With Cloud-Native Sisense, you can build future-ready enterprise-grade analytic apps, on-premises or in the cloud, at the lowest overall TCO.

Watch the Cloud-Native Sisense On-Demand Webinar to:

  • Learn why the Cloud-Native Sisense deployment is a true next-gen analytics platform that can enable you to serve analytics in a modern and highly-performance way
  • Take a deep-dive into the architecture and technology stack upon which the Cloud-Native deployment is built
  • See Cloud-Native Sisense in action

Featured Speakers

Shruthi Panicker

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


Ariel Noy

Head of Elastic Cube


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