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Data-Driven Customer Success: Your Winning Edge

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Webinar Series: Navigating Change in Crisis

During times of crisis, uncertainty increases. Protecting existing revenues is a primary goal for many businesses to endure challenging times. Using data analytics to better manage existing customers and optimize your solutions teams can be vital.

The Sports Industry is facing significant pressure against the backdrop of the pandemic, to ensure customer loyalty and maintain normalcy with engagement. Future-thinking sporting organizations who are championing change are now building data models to make predictions about the future of their industry while driving customer loyalty and engagement.

What you will learn: 

  • Make informed decisions to protect revenues and future growth.
  • Understand data science techniques within current workflows to guide these predictions.
  • Build a predictive model to summarize the pipeline of both worst and best-case scenarios.

Featured Speakers

Cameron O’Riordan

Director of Sales & Marketing

Stack Sports

David Huynh

Customer Success Manager


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