Data Visualization IS NOT Self Service BI

The Case for IoT in BI

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Businesses today already know that visualization in business intelligence is an essential part of competitive success. Yet, too many organizations are falling behind because of the inability to keep up with demand for information. One mistake is thinking that self-serve data visualization is all they need when setting up a self-service BI environment.

Debunking the common myth, we will explore why data visualization IS NOT self-service BI. The only way for Information workers to become more self-sufficient is by having a BI environment that is more usable but also more consumable. It is these two themes—usability and consumability – that play crucial roles in a fully functioning self-service BI environment. Using modern IoT technologies, the modern business can expand access and consumability of data by engaging the human senses of sight, sound, and touch.

View this On-Demand webinar as Lee Hermon, Sisense Engagement Manager and Adi Azaria, Sisense co-founder & Chief Evangelist explores the limitations of current self-service visualization models and introduces how IoT in Business Intelligence is changing the game.

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