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Fighting COVID-19 using Machine Learning and Augmented Analytics

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Sisense Webinar Fighting COVID-19 Using AutoML

Navigating Change in Crisis

G-Med global online medical community includes over a million verified physicians, the largest in the world.  These doctors are on the front lines, working across borders and within the healthcare system to research and test effective treatments and develop best-practices to fight COVID-19.  

While their traditional online community was useful for knowledge sharing during the pandemic, G-MED realized the urgency to centralize both structured and unstructured data from these discussions to deliver meaningful insights to its community. To help combat COVID-19, G-Med combined Amazon’s Machine Learning capabilities with Sisense to dramatically simplify the steps of standard machine learning and quickly create an AI-enhanced knowledge base, resulting in faster decision-making, improved treatments, and better patient outcomes.

What you will learn: 

  • How to launch Amazon Comprehend Medical and deliver insights from unstructured data.
  • How to extract sentiment and tags that can be searched using the latest in Natural Language Processing.
  • Examples and ideas on how Sisense dashboards provide insights around key business areas in Healthcare.

Featured Speakers

Ilan Ben Ezri

CEO & Co-Founder


Arun Ravi

Product Team Lead

AWS Comprehend Medical

Amnon Lotenberg

Data Scientist 


Adam Blau

Head of Partner Product Marketing


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