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Hands-On With the New Sisense Data Model APIs:

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Automate Your Data Workflows

Efficient scaling requires automation. How do you minimize time, effort and risk when you find yourself managing large-scale, complex analytics deployments that span multiple customers or users across environments?

In specific, when dealing with data, how do you avoid repetitive tasks like duplicating data models, applying change across data models or importing and exporting data models in order to handle multiple tenants or automate dev-to-prod workflows? 

The new Sisense Data Models APIs provides fully RESTful and JSON-based APIs enabling programmatic creation & modification of Sisense data models for fully automated data workflows.

Join this demo-focused webinar to:

  • Learn about the Sisense Data Model APIs and its highlights
  • Walk through key endpoints to handle the most common use cases of data model automation
  • Learn how to programmatically build a complete data model


Learn more at sisense.dev!


Featured Speakers

Moti Granovsky

Head of Developer Relations


Shruthi Panicker

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


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