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How Data is Helping to Modernize Healthcare: Driving Revenue from Existing Data Assets

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Data Monetization Heroes

Due to the natural sensitivities associated with patient data, healthcare is often slower than other industries to use data, but the potential impact is greater. As a partner to multiple parties in the healthcare supply chain (providers, labs, doctors, and others), Billing Savi effectively used data to evolve the way they work with customers from transactional to relationship-based partnerships.

At the core of this change is data. Billing Savi has created “Savi Sense,” a white-labeled app version of Sisense, to monetize this data and create new opportunities for their customers. This is an innovative data monetization use case, helping small and mid-sized companies stay nimble and find new ways to differentiate themselves, and demonstrating the domain expertise required to effectively monetize your data.

Their transformation, to help to automate the way healthcare providers work, has made them a value-adding partner. They help push the continuum of care provided to patients and consumers. To get there, they’ve not only launched an application, but also rethought pricing, reallocated resources, and fully mapped the patient journey.

What you will learn: 

  • The state of the healthcare industry and how data is helping to shape a better future.
  • How analytic apps are helping to transform a business.
  • How a company can create new revenue streams from existing assets.

Featured Speakers

Sumit Mahendru

Managing Director

SAVI Group Inc. 

Charles Holive

Managing Director of Data Monetization and Strategy Consulting


Jack Cieslak

Jack Cieslak

Managing Editor, Sisense Insights 


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