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How Geneia Uses Machine Learning and Analytics to Drive Business Innovation

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Data Monetization Heroes

Rapid development of data insights greatly improve business and operational outcomes.

Geneia, a healthcare analytics solutions provider, needed to generate value, identify new revenue streams, and drive better outcomes from their data ecosystems in a timely manner. They worked with AWS and Sisense to deploy analytics and machine learning to innovate their products and achieve business goals, including creating sustainable value and differentiation in the healthcare RFP process.

Watch to learn how state-of-the-art cloud, machine learning, and analytics platforms help companies participate in the multi-billion-dollar analytic and AI apps economy.

Join us to learn how Sisense and AWS:

  • Integrate and consolidate disparate data sources at scale
  • Use analytics and ML to derive data insights
  • Build monetization engines on top of data
  • Bring insights to customers faster than before

Featured Speakers

Charles Holive

Managing Director


Jorge A. Lopez

Global Lead, Big Data & Analytics Partner Strategy


Lori Logan

Chief Product and Customer Success Officer


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