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How Measuremen Improves Work-Life Balance and Drives Revenue With Data

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Data Monetization Heroes

Measuremen’s smartphone app Habital®️ collects immense volumes of data from users to help them find their optimal way of working, driving employer engagement, well-being, and productivity: Using data and analytics to help companies and universities keep their workers and students happy. Sisense is instrumental in helping make sense of all that data, as Measuremen’s purpose-built app delivers actionable insights to client companies.

In the wake of COVID, leveraging operational data ingested from countless locations and users has only become more critical to organizations of all kinds, especially as these groups look towards reopening physical locations. Companies pay a subscription fee for access to the Measuremen platform and the expert advice which will allow them to bridge the gap between management and employees in creating work-life balance, wherever their workforce is, and optimizing brick-and-mortar spaces when they reopen.

What you will learn:

  • The types of dashboards and analytics most effective in helping companies understand their physical locations and worker/customer desires.
  • The importance of a clear data ingestion/capture strategy.
  • How embedded analytics deliver value to end-users.
  • Why analytics are an essential component of building better work-life balance. 

Featured Speakers

Vincent le Noble

Founder & CEO


Charles Holive

Managing Director of Data Monetization and Strategy Consulting,


Jack Cieslak

Jack Cieslak

Managing Editor, Sisense Insights


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