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How to Turn Your Application into an Answer-Generating Machine

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Your prospects and customers are counting on your application to take their marketing and sales data and turn it into answers.

Unfortunately, delivering such a solution is no easy task. Data must be onboarded, processed, analyzed, and finally, presented back to users from within the context of your app.

In this special webinar, you’ll hear from subject matter experts across data integration, analytics, and application development as they explain how to turn your own application into an answer-generating machine.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Challenges to implementing an answer-generating application
  • What components, technologies, and skill-sets are required
  • How solutions similar to yours have been implemented successfully
  • Where to start and how to shorten time-to-market

Featured Speakers

Eric Westerkamp



Shane Swiderek

Product Marketing Manager



Kyle Dempsey

Field CTO


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