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Humanizing BI Through Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graphs

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Webinar series: Transform to win

In today’s digital economy, organizations are in a race toward digital transformation to empower every level of the organization to enable data-driven decisions and to improve business outcomes. Despite considerable and growing investment in the field of data and analytics, many organizations still struggle to drive pervasive adoption because business users don’t find Business Intelligence (BI) systems intuitive enough. 

At Sisense, the world-leading data and analytics platform, we provide access to data through our natural language query interface with personalized content recommendations from a patent-pending Sisense Knowledge Graph.

What you will learn: 

  • Enhance data exploration to create a more intuitive user experience

  • Build a natural language query pipeline through AI 

  • Introduce knowledge graphs that help enable decisions



Featured speakers

Ayelet Arditi

Data Scientist


Dr. Yael Lev

Data Scientist


Julie Zuckerman

Product Marketing Manager


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