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The cost of marketing within an organization can be challenging to justify and even more difficult to directly measure the impact of across a business.  Using Sisense’s innovative business intelligence software, Position2 will present a comprehensive overview of how to align marketing and business objectives, distinguish activity vs. outcome, and drill down to expose key data points for accurately tracking the successes and failures of marketing activities.

Learn how to utilize live dashboards to answer crucial marketing questions including:

  • What was the overall performance?
  • Why did it perform this way?
  • How did actual performance compare to expected performance goals?

This process will ultimately lead to the discovery of necessary improvements to increase overall efficiency, performance, and revenue.

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Featured Speakers

Name: Michal Wachstock
Title: Head of Customer Marketing
Company: Sisense

Name: Divya Krishnan
Title: Associate Director, Marketing Analytics
Company: Position2