Improving Efficiencies in Healthcare Using BI

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The use of analytics in healthcare allows organizations to identify areas in which they can improve both their operational efficiency and quality of care. However, generating a lot of information isn’t enough – you need the right tools to put that data to good use.

Deploying the right technology tools and analytics strategies to support business intelligence and measure what’s going on in your healthcare organization is key to optimizing the quality of information being generated and quality of care being given.

Learn how Advocate Radiology and ReMy Health are using Business Intelligence to:

  • Streamline the billing charge entry process
  • Save significant time and reduce errors to improve send back rate
  • Extract and mash-up data from stand-alone data silos to get a 360 degree view of patient and procedure life-cycle
  • Improve customer service levels by analyzing logs and metrics
  • Address Hipaa compliance issues