Sisense 6.5: The Future of Smart Data Alerts and Data Integrations

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Sisense 6.5, the new realm of smart, automated business insights from dozens of new and existing data sources. Throw in deeper analytics, an improved user experience and a ton of other tweaks, and you’ve got the most powerful and robust BI platform to date.

The Sisense 6.5 New Release Includes:

  • Sisense Pulse – Detect important changes in your data with next-generation auto-notifications and alerts.
    • Instant Notifications – Receive direct notifications about important changes in your data to your mobile, email or team collaboration apps
    • Smart Alerts –  Sisense 6.5 automatically detects and alert you to any anomalies in your data
    • Custom Thresholds – Define custom thresholds in your data or Elasticube builds, and receive automated alerts
    • Smart Workflows – Using built-in webhooks, integrate or automate alerts to 3rd party apps including Zendesk, Slack, and Zapier
    • Pulse Feed – Keep track of your recent notifications with an updated list of events based on recent notifications
    • Pulse Page – Consult your data command center, complete with your Pulse notifications, updates, important KPIs, alerts, and visualizations of recent pulse events
  • Dozens of New Native Connectors – Seamlessly connect to dozens of new data sources including Hubspot, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • More Extensive Analytics – Dig deeper into your data, add conditional statements for more precise data
  • Faster Mobile Performance – Our Sisense.js mobile app is lightning-fast and provides push notifications for your Sisense Pulse events
  • Enterprise-ready – Including faster uptime and availability for large-scale deployments and recovery from Elasticube build failures
Sisense running on a laptop

– Plus a Sneak Peek of Sisense Bots: Sisense Bot is your very own personal data assistant.  Seamlessly interact with your data through messenger apps that you already use, like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Just type a natural-language question within the chat box or choose from an existing list of pre-set questions to see the Sisense Bot in action!
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