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Maximize the Value of Your Data with Cloud Analytics

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Dealing with Data

Organizations are increasingly shifting computing power, storage databases, machine learning, and analytic workloads to the Cloud, because it offers the most agile, scalable, and flexible means of handling escalating volumes of data, and drives more helpful insights.

Pairing a BI and analytics platform like Sisense with cloud services such as Google Cloud, overcomes the challenges of capacity, speed, and cost-effectiveness that organizations may encounter with legacy on-premises architecture. And shifting to the Cloud enables customers to simplify complex data analytics and democratize access to their data. 

It enables customers to derive more value from data, build data products that increase adoption throughout their organizations, drive innovation, and deliver insights speedily and at scale.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges posed by the growth in data, how the shift to the Cloud meets this challenge, and how Sisense, together with Google Cloud, helps migrate data sets and applications to the cloud.

You will learn:

  • Why the shift to the Cloud is an escalating trend and the benefits of a cloud-first approach.
  • How a platform like Sisense can help extract value across multiple datasets.
  • How Sisense and Google can help boost organizations’ growth and strengthen your competitive edge with industry examples.

Featured Speakers

Scott Castle, VP & GM for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Sisense

Scott Castle

GM Internal Analytics



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