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The Increasing Importance of a Data Driven Customer Success Team

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Virtual Event Series:
Navigating Change in Crisis Using Data                        

With the increase in uncertainty during times of crisis, protecting current revenue is a particularly key part of the business. Advanced data analytics are creating huge opportunities for customer success and solution teams to get ahead of the game. Companies who will succeed through turbulent times are now building data models to make predictions about the future of business.

Join this virtual event to discover: 

  • The importance of Customer Success during crisis, a data-driven approach to make informed decisions of the business, protecting revenue. 
  • Leverage data science techniques within current workflows to make future predictions. 
  • How to create a predictive model for churn in both worst and best-case scenarios. 

Featured Speakers

Sylvie Woolf

VP Customer Success


Joseph Bocanegra

VP, Enterprise Customer Success


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