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Using Analytics to Stratify Risk and Reduce Costs of Care

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Hospitals around the country are racing to better understand and respond to COVID-19.  Risk stratification, or a process to better assign risk ratings for patients, is an advanced way to better quantify high-risk patients, while maintaining a quality patient experience. 

Health systems need to limit the danger of system-overwhelm and poor outcomes for patients and caregivers. By applying analytics, hospitals can reduce costs of re-admissions and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

What you will learn:

  • How a new process, to stratify patient risk, can lead to better outcomes in healthcare. 
  • New models for quantifying risk and how these can relate back to developing best practices in your organization.
  • How to reduce the cost of care and improve patient experience through risk simulation.

Featured Speakers

Narender Dureja


Scalable Health

Dr. Raj Shah

Chief Medical Officer

Scalable Health

Charles Holive

Managing Director, Strategy Consulting


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