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Elastic Scaling your Analytics Using Cloud-Native Sisense

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Webinar Series: Hands on With.... 

Cloud Native technologies are changing the way we build large-scale, complex applications. They enable us to build highly-performant, scalable and resilient applications while still being optimized for cost.

Why should analytic apps be any different? Manually scaling for load, sizing capacity for your worst case scenario, or inefficient use of resources is not the best way to get a superior user experience or lower your overall TCO. 

Cloud-Native Sisense and Sisense’s open, API-driven architecture, makes it easy to deploy and scale analytic apps in any Kubernetes cluster.

Join this demo focused webinar to:

  • Understand how Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux can lower your operational costs
  • Take a deep dive into specifics on how the Sisense Cloud Native architecture enables auto-scaling, redundancy and monitoring
  • Walk through the steps of architecting and monitoring elastic scaling
  • Watch a demo of how Cloud Native Sisense responds to load

Featured Speakers

Ariel Noy

R&D Director and Head of ElastiCube and Linux


Ahuva Hazan-Fuchs

Product Director, Platform & Cloud


Shruthi Panicker, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for Sisense for Product Teams, Sisense

Shruthi Panicker

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


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