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The only business intelligence tool that lets you instantly analyze and visualize both big and disparate datasets.

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Forbes - Analyze Large Amounts of Data

Groundbreaking. Powerful. Simple.

Single-Stack Architecture

Single-Stack Architecture

Instantly deployed, end-to-end BI software with everything you need to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data, eliminating the need to use a hodgepodge of tools.

In-Chip Engine

In-Chip Engine

Proprietary technology that lets you run any ad-hoc query and receive answers on the spot, without the need to prepare data in advance for each new question.

Sisense - Shortest Time-to-Insight

Shortest Time-to-Insight

Sisense covers the full scope of business analytics in one agile BI software, from preparing complex data for analysis to creating dashboards with a wide variety of visualizations.

A short learning curve and customer-focused UI enable you to get up and running with your actual data in hours, not weeks. And once deployed, Sisense is the only BI tool that can join tables from different sources on the fly, so you can skip the data preparation nightmare and jump right into analysis, even with complex data.

Sisense - Taking the Burden Off IT

Taking the Burden Off IT

Sisense proves that you don’t need extensive IT investments and resources to tackle complex data. While other platforms might boast shifting data-related tasks to the IT department, Sisense removes workload instead of shifting it between stakeholders.

The In-Chip engine’s optimal use of computational resources eliminates the need to maintain massive hardware or software stacks. Data is easily available to analysts and administrators, while IT professionals are free to focus on their core tasks.

Sisense - Minimal Total Cost of Ownership

Minimal Total Cost of Ownership

With our Single-Stack software, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using a single tool to prepare, analyze and visualize any type and size of data, saving you the need to invest in data warehouses, visualization tools or professional services.

With no DBA required to manage the platform, no manual mashups to maintain, and no special scripts to learn, Sisense provides a complete business intelligence platform at unmatched TCO.

Sisense - Unparalleled Performance

Unparalleled Performance

The award-winning In-Chip technology at the core of the Sisense engine allows it to effectively use CPU cache memory as well as process and prepare data only when a new query is made, and to scale to terabytes of data and thousands of users easily.

Performance never suffers: concurrent, ad-hoc queries return results in seconds, even when working with billions of rows of rapidly changing data.

Sisense - Freeing Users from the Constraints of Traditional BI

Freeing Users from the Constraints of Traditional BI

Analyzing complex data traditionally required an “assembly line” of different tools, and a department of specialists working to ongoingly prepare the data for analysis and create reports.

Not anymore: Sisense lets you build complex data models in a visual environment, and then gives end users the freedom to explore, filter and drill down into this data in any granularity – independently, and with instant answers to ad-hoc questions.

Sisense - A Perfect Fit for Developers

A Perfect Fit
for Developers

Designed with an ‘API-first’ approach and an emphasis on security, scalability and extensibility – Sisense is the perfect solution for OEMs, ISVs and customer-facing embedded analytics. It’s time to take your product to the next level.

Join our active developers community and discover how easy it is to turn Sisense into an integral part of your own application using Javascript and the REST API.

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Sisense - In-Chip, Single-Stack Sisense - In-Chip, Single-Stack

Learn how Sisense In-Chip engine and Single-Stack architecture works.
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“If you’ve been wrestling with the size limitations of other tools, do yourself a favour and try Sisense, there’s nothing else on the market that crunches big data so easily.”

Groupon Director of Analytics, David Gerster
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