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The leading AI-driven analytics platform that goes beyond business intelligence to infuse analytics everywhere

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The leading infused analytics platform

The most extensible analytics platform to embed analytics in every workflow, process, business application and your own products.  Leverage the most robust set of APIs to create fully customized and unique data experiences for users anywhere.   

“Calling what you are building dashboards is really selling it short.”

John Jakovich, VP of Business Intelligence
Tessitura Network

Leverage the power of AI

Our patent-pending knowledge graph technology, Sisense Sense-IQ, provides AI throughout the platform to help anyone make sense of data by automatically highlighting impacts and insights.   Anyone can simply type a question to get forward-looking insights and enable deeper investigation of data regardless of skill set. 

One platform for all skill levels 

Scale across the entire analytics continuum from code-first to code-free, to ensure everyone can harness the power of data in every decision.  Scale across all use cases by infusing analytics into every workflow, process, application and even your own products.   

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Cloud Based data mapping

Evolve your analytics and cloud strategy together 

The only cloud-native analytics platform with the flexibility to meet your evolving data strategy.   From one to multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premises architecture, your organization can stay agile to stay competitive.  

Cyber Security and AWS Honeypot Data

End-to-End Governance

Multi-level security, governance and performance monitoring across the entire analytics platform for the most robust analytics experience.

Leading Global Companies Infuse Analytics with Sisense

Customer success is part of our DNA, and we partner with you every step of the way to unlock extraordinary business value from our BI analytics capabilities. That’s why over 2,000 customers worldwide rely upon Sisense for game-changing business insights.

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The Salvation Army
Verizon Wireless

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Build visual, interactive experiences using sample data to experience the power of infusing analytics on our cloud.

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