Advanced Filters

By Paldi Solutions

●        Interactive, horizontal, user-friendly drop down filters menu

●        High-end UI

●        Enormous configuration & design options:

    • Enable Single/ Multi-Select
    • Upgraded features in the Dependent Filters:
      • Option to define multiple filters with the same parent (2 Different filters can be dependent based on the same parent)
      • Supports dependent relationships between different field data types. For example: You can even choose Country to be the parent of a datefield.
    • PlaceHolder configuration
    • Dates: Supports Single / Multi selection + Range selections
    • Possible to configure Apply & Reset buttons
      • Configurable design: Text, color, font, size and more
    • Define Max filters per row

●        This plugin can also be purchased as part of Paldi Filters Pack (Reach out for details)


See it in Action:





Date Range selection example:


Design Panel Options:



Dependent Filters settings:


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