Advanced Input Parameters

By Paldi Solutions

Add user input boxes to enable “What - If” analysis based on the user’s selection.

The dashboard is changed according to the values the user chooses.


Special features:

  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - no need for any data model change.
  • Works with ALL possible formula functions, including Case-When, regardless of how complex it is.
  • Supports any number of different Input Parameters
  • Complete control over the layout and styling of the input controllers similarly to our Advanced Filters plugin.
  • Enormous configuration & design options:
    • Set Input Alias name for the parameters to be called with meaningful names.
    • Define & Enforce min/max numeric limitations on the input parameters.
    • Choose to use an Apply button or update the dashboard immediately upon every change of the inputs.
    • Configure buttons positions & placement.
    • Additional UI controller types like Numeric Steppers, Sliders, etc.


See it in action:



Dashboard View:


Widget Edit Mode:


Design Panel Options:





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