ArcGIS Map Integration

By Sisense

The ArcGIS Map Integration add on creates a new widget type that displays configurable and filterable ArcGIS web maps. The Polygon Lasso feature can be use to select multiple points on the map and dynamic create dashboard filters. Additional features include widget-level PDF exports, geo-search, switchable basemaps, dynamic zoom, and tooltips.
Note: Using ArcGIS will require an ArcGIS license.

To install the ArcGIS Map Integration add on:

  1. Download the attachment.
  2. Extract the .zip folder into the plugins folder. If the folder does not exist, create it prior to extracting the .zip file.
    For V7.1 and earlier: C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
    For V7.2 and later: C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins
  3. Configure your default settings, including your default webmap ID, by modifying the included config.6.js file. Instructions below under the Configuration header.
  4. Refresh Sisense application and create new widget with the ArcGIS widget type.


1. General:

  • Persist Positioning – Enable map centering and zoom persistence, otherwise map will return to default lat, long and zoom after each reload
  • Custom PDF Message – Message displayed on PDF preview and export
  • Popup On Hover – Enable hover-fired popups

2. Filters:

  • Collapsed – Collapsed filters upon dynamic creation with Polygon lasso (setting this option to ‘false’ is recommended if filtering 20+ members)

3. Map Defaults:

  • Export Enabled – Export to PDF feature enabled by default
  • Basemap Gallery Enabled Basemap – Gallery feature enabled by default
  • Polygon Selector Enabled- Polygon Selector feature enabled by default
  • Searchbar Enabled – Search Bar feature enabled by default
  • Lat – Default center point latitude
  • Long – Default center point longitude
  • Web Map ID – Default web map
  • Zoom – Default zoom level

Note: All three metadata panels (Latitude, Longitude, and Details) need to be provided in order to draw the map during widget creation

4. Marker Symbol:

  • Style – Style can be ‘circle’, ‘cross’, ‘diamond’, ‘square’, ‘triangle’, or ‘x’
  • Color – Color can be color string, hex string, or array of RGBA values
  • Size – CSS size string indicating size of marker
  • Outline – Color and width


  • Dashboards will not correctly display maps on dashboard-level PDF exports, use the optional export feature to produce map PDFs instead
  • If dimension added to ‘Details’ panel is numeric, any dashboard filters created will be ‘text’ datatype
This is a premium Sisense add-on. For pricing details please get in touch with your CSM: Get the Add-On

23 December 2019

  • Fixed issue with Widget filter brakes ArcGIS widget.

22 April 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2

19 May 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.1

16 June 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.2

1 July 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L8.0.5

28 July 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.3

28 August 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.4

23 October 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.5
  • Added compatibility with Sisense L8.2.4

23 October 2020

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L8.2.6

19 March 2021

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.1.1

23 March 2021

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.1.3

07 April 2021

  • Added compatibility with Sisense 2021.2
  • Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.3.1