Monitor Sensitive Data

By sisense

Regulatory requirements in various countries dictate that the event of viewing sensitive data which can identify a person should be logged and monitored for future audit. This means that whenever someone is viewing identifiable information related to a person (such as address, full name, ID, etc.) this action should be monitored and logged.

This add-on enables the logging of information when any user views row level data from specific tables and columns.

To install the Monitor Sensitive Data add-on:

  1. Download the attachment.
  2. Extract the .zip folder into the plugins folder. If the folder does not exist, create it prior to extracting the .zip file.
    For V7.1 and earlier
    : C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
    For V7.2 and later
    : C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins
  3. After those files have been unzipped there, you may also have to restart the web server.
  4. Locate folder SqlLogger to ‘C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb’
  5. Configure the *config.js* file (read more below)
  6. Configure ashx handler (read more below)
  7. Refresh your dashboard


  1. Configure *config.js* with dataForLogs settings. This property is array of fields you want to track. It could be either specific dimensions or specific tables.
    To specify dimension (for example person full name) use the following syntax:
    ‘\<TABLE>.\<COLUMN>’ – example ‘PersonData.FullName’ (PersonData table and FullName column)
    To specify table use the following syntax:
    ‘<TABLE>’ – example ‘PersonData’ (PersonData table)
  2. To log person id’s to SQL database, you need to specify person id dimension to retrieve data. This property is a string with person id dimension
    Syntax for person id:
    ‘\<TABLE>.\<COLUMN>’ – example ‘PersonData.PersonID’
  3. The last configuration property is loggingDataEndpoint. It is the physical path for sql logger handler and should not be changed.
  4. Implementation handler:
    Ashx handler will save information to the SQL database with the following structure:
    CREATE TABLE “LogData” (“UTCTimestamp” BIGINT NOT NULL,”Username” VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,”Email” VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,”UserId” VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,”Dashboard” VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL,”Elasticube” VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,”PersonId” VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL);
This is a premium Sisense add-on. For pricing details please get in touch with your CSM: Get the Add-On

4/8/2019: Issue fixed for conflict with background filters

25/8/2019: Solution was rewritten on NodeJS microservices. Added support for 7.4. Installation section was updated.