Trellis Chart Widget

By Sisense

Some data sets are too large to gain valuable insights from chart visualizations. The trellis chart widget uses the break-by dimension to split each dimension value into its own chart, providing users with an easier ability to detect anomalies and compare at a glance.

To install the Trellis Chart Widget add-on:

  1. Download the attachment.
  2. Extract the .zip folder into the plugins folder. If the folder does not exist, create it prior to extracting the .zip file.
    For V7.1 and earlier
    : C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
    For V7.2 and later
    : C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins
  3. Refresh your dashboard.


  1. Open a dashboard and create a new widget by selecting Trellis.
  2. Add x-axis, values, and break by. You can add a hierarchy to the break by to add a drill-into option.
  3. Click Apply.


  1. Chart size:
    • Charts per row – maximum number of charts per row
    • Aspect ratio – the ratio of height per width for every chart
  2. Chart type:
    • Type of each series – Can be configured through the design panel for basic charts (bar, column, line) or by using the metadata item menu (series type: line, spline, area, etc.)
  3. Legend:
    • Show/hide legend
    • Determine legend position
  4. Lazy loading:
    • Load x number of charts at a time upon scroll
    • Disabling this option might cause performance issues due to the fact that chart will be rendered per each break-by
  5. Title:
    • Position of the break-by value which is the chart’s title
  6. Value labels
    • Show/hide series labels and setting their rotation
  7. Markers:
    • Show/hide markers
    • Styling of markers
  8. X-Axis settings
    • Show/hide
    • Show/hide labels
    • Show/hide grid lines
  9. Y-Axis settings
    • Show/hide
    • Show/hide labels
    • Show/hide grid lines
    • Ticks – has 2 options
      • Every chart has its own ticks scale based on its data
      • All charts lined with the same scale based on the highest and lowest data
This is a premium Sisense add-on. For pricing details please get in touch with your CSM: Get the Add-On

4/12/2019: Fixed issue with Filtering Trellis chart (Filtered (excluded) slices was not removed from Chart)

10/09/2019: Added the next changes:

  • Fixed gaps in export Trellis to PDF/IMG
  • Added Trellis icon
  • Added Birdseye in case of charts in Trellis have many items
  • Fixed Legend
  • Fixed Labels on Right axis

02/14/2020: Added the next changes:

  • Fixed empty downloaded PDF
  • Fixed issue with the unselected item “Use this dimension when drilling” after user performed drilling
  • Fixed issue with missing Drill hierarchies for Pivot, Column Chart after user Switch break by value on Trellis chart
  • Fixed issue with missing hierarchies in Break By

22/4/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2

19/5/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.1

14/6/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.2

1/7/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense L8.0.5

24/7/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.3

28/8/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.4

23/10/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense 8.2.5

23/10/2020: Added compatibility with Sisense L8.2.4

28/12/2020: Added the next changes:

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L8.2.6
  • Fixed conflict with Quest plugin on Linux

12/02/2021: Added the next changes:

  • Fixed error in the console on login page

17.02.2021: Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.1.1

7.04.2021: Added the next changes:

  • Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.1.3
  • Added compatibility with Sisense 2021.2
  • Added compatibility with Sisense L2021.3.1

26.05.2021: Added the next changes:

  • Added filter option for the metadata values