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Getting Strategic Value from Data Analytics When Initial Attempts Fail

This report looks at the state of data analytics and obstacles that hinder progress.

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A new study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals a dramatic gap between business leaders’ expectations and realities of using data to achieve their business outcomes. Less than 24% of study participants believe their organizations use data effectively. Yet 94% say it’s essential to their ongoing innovation strategy. 

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Top 3 barriers to producing business value

  • Lack of necessary skills/training
  • Lack of high-quality data
  • Limits on access to data 

Download the report to learn how the authors suggest overcoming these and other barriers. Guidance includes how to gain a 19% increase toward identifying new revenue streams and business opportunities. 


This report looks at the state of data analytics and examines the obstacles preventing its progress. It also examines the extent to which data analytics is inaccessible and posits that broader accessibility and application of analytics in daily operations would help organizations produce more value. 

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