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Deliver Seamless and Scalable Embedded Analytic Apps

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Webinar series: Embed to win

Embedded analytics enable organizations to differentiate applications in highly-competitive markets and generates additional revenue for businesses.  

But in the world of modern applications where users expect seamless, consistent, and highly-performant experiences along with self-service and a quick response to changing needs, more is expected.  Just delivering vanilla and rigid embedded analytics built on legacy platforms is not enough, we explore how you differentiate from your competition.

What you will learn:

  • Learn critical considerations when building modern embedded analytic apps including API-driven automation, customization and scalability 
  • Avoid common pitfalls when embedding analytics into your products
  • How Sisense’s open API-First platform can help you drive the next wave of embedded analytics apps

Featured speakers

Eitan Sofer

Director, Embedded Analytics Business Owner


Shruthi Panicker, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for Sisense for Product Teams, Sisense

Shruthi Panicker

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


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