2018 was an exciting year on many fronts here at Sisense. From a product perspective, we’ve taken major steps in creating new features that our customers love and that the market is asking for. What are the features we’re the most excited about? I’m glad you asked.

Here are the five features we released in 2018 that keeps our team buzzing with excitement.

Elastic Data Hub

Sisense continues to deliver on our vision that allows you to leverage your entire data landscape to build a robust actionable analytics strategy. Now with both ‘live’ and ‘cached’ connectivity for key cloud-native high-performance data warehouses such as Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake, the Sisense Elastic Data Hub provides the flexibility and power you need to get the most out of these investments.

Connect directly with our ‘live’ connectors to leverage the native performance of these data sources. Or, easily connect and mashup disparate data that is ‘cached’ using the Sisense ElastiCube which is optimized for performance and scale. Either way, you can fully utilize data from across your organization to ensure that you are seeing the full picture.

The Sisense Elastic Data Hub provides the ability to deliver on your organization’s analytics strategy even when changes occur to underlying source systems. This includes not waiting for completion of data warehousing projects to perform analysis. The data model can easily be adapted to changes in the underlying data architecture by easily reconnecting to changing sources systems ensuring continuity.

On top of this, the ability to easily combine sanctioned central warehouse data together with new local data ensures that the business users are not hindered from experimenting with new ideas. This also ensures that users are able to demonstrate the value of such data before requiring the initiation of a data integration project, which ultimately reduces project bottlenecks.

Sisense BloX Webinar

Sisense Hunch™

Sisense Hunch™, brought to you by Sisense Labs, is a radically different approach to big data analytics. In fact, Sisense Hunch is not just a new capability, it is an entirely new class of analytics that helps organizations solve data and analytics challenges that were previously insoluble.

Instead of investing huge amounts of effort and technology in an attempt to process big data queries faster, Sisense Hunch condenses immense amounts of data into lightweight neural networks for quick and easy analysis that can be processed at the edge.

With Sisense Hunch, organizations can leverage insights from petabytes of data; processing hundreds of thousands of queries with sub-second response time using the latest AI technologies without the need for access to the underlying big data.

Imagine… being able to compress massive data sets so anyone on a manufacturing floor can understand in near real-time increases in rare but important false negatives & false positive test results? Or imagine being able to take massive healthcare data sets and compress them in a fashion that allow for better health diagnosis in remote locations where internet access is spotty? It’s now a reality.

Sisense BloX

Sisense BloX makes it easier than ever to create custom actionable analytic applications from complex data by leveraging powerful prebuilt templates to integrate application-like functionality into dashboards.

First, the Sisense BloX framework includes a robust library of templates to ensure that you can get started quickly by adding new visualization options or integration points with other applications.

Then, you can customize the code of your analytics app using both HTML and JSON. This helps non-developers create applications they only dreamed about and gives developers the UX layer for their BI.

And, finally, the Sisense BloX framework includes an easy-to-use interface to expose and access many API capabilities directly in the Sisense UI using standard CSS and JSON. We’ve created a low-code environment that makes these APIs accessible to a much wider range of developers so you can integrate whatever action you want right into your dashboards.

White Label Mobile App

Sisense is the only BI company that allows our clients to differentiate their analytics offerings by delivering a fully branded analytics anywhere – and on any device with a turnkey app. Start leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices and give your users the insights they need wherever they go.

The ability to develop deeper levels of brand and user engagement on mobile devices is supported by customized, white label mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can occupy real-estate on the smartphone and stay top of mind of users whenever they look at their phone. Customer stickiness is improved by leveraging device capabilities such as hand gestures to easily filter and drill-down into widgets, tap-to-share widgets and dashboards, and collaborate with colleagues via text or communication channels like Slack or Skype.

Sisense Boto

This year also saw the official launch of Sisense Boto, our next evolution of chatbots that incorporates machine learning to uncover nuggets of insights, like hidden trends and hard-to-detect anomalies, in an instant from a Sisense dashboard or a CSV. Sisense Boto returns these insights to you instantly, in natural language, within your favorite messaging app.

The release of Sisense Boto was a major step toward our vision of making analytics available for everyone, everywhere. How? Sisense Boto was decoupled from the need for the user to authenticate to a Sisense BI platform instance in order to use it. This makes it available to anyone, customer or not, for basic insight access. For free.

Wait there’s more!

I know we said five… but there are a few more cool things that you should keep an eye out for.

Usage Analytics

Better understand user behavior across dashboards to improve user adoption and engagement. Filter and drill-into activity to get insights on dashboard interactions, performance, and viewer activity across your deployment. Combined with the ability to monitor CPU Usage and hardware resources, you now have the ability to monitor and analyze every aspect of your Sisense deployment.

Data Dictionary

Our Data Dictionary adds description and tags to data fields and tables in your ElastiCube and Live Data models to drive improved understanding of your data model. You can also preview, sort, filter, and sample data in the Elastic Data Hub to make better sense of the data with other dashboard designers.

Analyze with Insight Miner

Based on the same technology as Sisense Boto, Analyze with Insight Minger lets you unearth new insights from every widget within your dashboard. Utilizing the latest in machine learning, Insight Miner presents new information in non-scientific, easy-to-understand terms in one click.

Sisense BloX Webinar
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