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A Winning Team: Sisense and High-Performance Cloud Data Warehouses

Modern cloud-native high-performance data warehouses far outperform the prior generation of data warehouses. Sisense is an independent BI solution that complements your cloud database by giving you a single environment to prepare, join, govern, and analyze data, regardless of the underlying data infrastructure. Using the Sisense Elastic Data Hub, you can connect and analyze both live and cached data simultaneously, helping you get the most out of your tech investments.


Control unpredictable costs with Sisense’s Elastic Data Hub. Nearly eliminate the query transaction costs of high-usage slow-changing data by caching it in Sisense. Then analyze it alongside live data in one dashboard.


Sisense’s In-Chip™ Performance Accelerator leverages machine learning when querying cached data. Pull insights quickly from all your disparate data sources without complex migrations and view both real-time and historical data analysis in a single dashboard.


We all crave a single source of truth. However, the constantly-changing data landscape means that different groups within your company will always have niche data sources that remain decentralized. The Elastic Data Hub independently integrates these sources with your single source of truth, in one environment, regardless of the different data sources.


Sisense’s powerful mashup capability enables and encourages a culture of analytic innovation. An end-to-end solution, access can be managed to allow different service models for different users without heavy lifting by IT.

A Winning Team: Sisense and High-Performance Cloud Data Warehouses

If you’ve got a cloud-native high-performance data warehouse (or are considering one), Sisense can help. The Elastic Data Hub sits above your data landscape, letting you cut through the complexities of your data strategy to execute the analytics you need.

Possibilities, Present and Future

Whether you’re planning to implement a cloud-native data warehouse, already have one, or are still making up your mind, Sisense ensures that you don’t have to wait or start over with each transition. From day one, Sisense connects to any data source, wherever it’s located, and delivers insights fast.

True Self-Service for the Non-Technical User

Sisense delivers genuine self-service for agile businesses, regardless of whether you analyze live data from the cloud data warehouse or cached data inside the Sisense Elastic Data Hub. You get a complete toolset that’s easy to use and makes every step of the BI process—from adding data sources to building dashboards, selecting visualizations, and sharing insights—a breeze.

Endless Innovation

Sisense is all about innovation. AI elements throughout the platform simplify analytical tasks. Talk to your data with our chatbot and Alexa integrations. Customize Sisense to fit your needs: embed analytics anywhere, build custom dashboards, and even deliver branded analytics to your customers.

Partners in Your Success

Sisense is a true partner in your analytics journey, absolutely obsessed with your success. Our Customer Success Team is second to none and stands committed to helping you meet your goals.

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