4 Security Principles Every BI Solution Should Have

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Who Should Read This:

If you are considering implementing a Business Intelligence solution but want to ensure you are choosing one that provides high-level security (and BI security) for your company’s data – read this guide.

Learn four top BI security principles & best practices:

  • Process Level Security – procedures to safeguard data
  • System Level Security – authentication, permissions, users
  • Object Level Security – manage access to different components
  • Data Level Security – determine the data each user can see

What You’ll Learn:

Today, security of your data and your customers’ data is understandably a top concern. But, what constitutes high-quality security when it comes to a Business Intelligence solution? Read this guide to learn four crucial business intelligence security principles every BI solution should follow.

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“Any BI vendor you consider should follow all the major industry standards here. That means checking for vulnerabilities using the DREAD methodology, deploying Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, and running regular audits and penetration tests, in line with the OWASP testing guide"

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