Building BI Into Your Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration and How to Build BI Into the Change

What Will You Learn?

  • The importance of your data model—to your cloud migration and your BI platform
  • How to lead your cloud migration with a BI mindset
  • How to save time & reduce feedback loops during your cloud migration by combining it with BI platform implementation
  • Why functioning with a BI black hole during your cloud migration isn’t necessary

What's in This Whitepaper?

This whitepaper provides a conceptual overview of the benefits of combining BI platform implementation with your cloud migration.

Why Should You Read It?

Every organization experiences a normal learning curve during cloud migration—but this learning curve isn’t an inevitability of lost time and insights. With the right BI platform and mindset, this learning curve can be leveraged as an opportunity to perfect and customize your data model for the cloud and BI simultaneously, save time, reduce feedback loops, and keep the BI insights flowing—even when your data is in transit.

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This is not a case of adopting a BI platform now even though the structure of your data is changing. In fact, you are adopting a BI platform now because the structure of your data is changing.

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