How to Calculate the Total
Cost of Business Intelligence

Learn how to add up the cost of:

  • Technical infrastructure – data warehouses, ETL functionality
  • Manpower investment for BI implementation and maintenance
  • New analytics – figure out how much each new report will cost you

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If you’re looking for a concrete way to calculate the total cost of ownership of a business intelligence and analytics solution, you’ve come to the right place. This guide helps you understand the pricing and costs surrounding a BI solution that go beyond the licensing – from additional technical infrastructure, to implementation, maintenance, and the cost of new analytics.

The Total Cost of Business Intelligence

“What is the cost of new analytics for my team? This is precisely how you need to approach your value assessment of a BI platform because the cost of new analytics essentially calculates how quickly your team can churn out and benefit from new analytics and reports, which actually measures how much value for how much investment you are getting from your BI tool. “