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Based on the Fall 2021 G2 Crowd report on embedded business intelligence
August 2021


The Grid® Report for Embedded Business Intelligence by G2 is published seasonally, and it complements G2’s comparison of the top business intelligence product vendors. The focus on feedback and reviews from users makes both reports highly trusted sources of information when comparing embedded business intelligence product vendors.

The report is based entirely on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data collated from online sources and social networks. It has been designed to provide technology buyers with an objective guide to help them quickly select the best products for their organizations and to give vendors, investors, and analysts benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.

So, when a company gets a great rating in the G2 Grid® Report, you know it’s their real-life customers — those companies relying on the technology to evolve the way they do business — that gave them the grade. That’s why here at Sisense, we’re delighted to have been identified as a leading embedded business intelligence vendor.

In this white paper, we’ll look at what some of these ratings mean and how they highlight critical factors when choosing your embedded business intelligence platform.

Satisfaction ratings

In this G2 Grid® Report, Sisense has been named the industry leader based on its high customer satisfaction ratings and large market presence. Sisense scored a satisfaction rating of 87%. This score is influenced by the following:

  • Customer satisfaction with end-user-focused product attributes based on user reviews
  • Customer satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes based on user reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users

In key criteria like quality of support, ease of use, and ease of doing business with, Sisense meets or exceeds the industry benchmark. Sisense’s dashboards, data visualization, and reports interface remain the highest-rated features, all exceeding industry benchmarks.

Sisense satisfaction rating in G2 Grid report Fall 2021

Ease of use

In the industry leaders’ segment of the grid, Sisense scored highly for ease of use.

These ratings reinforce our focus on the customer experience. At Sisense, we are obsessed with creating and maintaining a seamless user experience. The benefits of business intelligence and analytics need to be accessible to as many users as possible, regardless of their levels of technical skill.

That’s a big part of why we believe in infusing analytics everywhere: Embedding actionable intelligence anywhere, via custom analytics experiences for everyone, heps drive more data-driven decision-making across the entire enterprise. Sisense empowers as many users as possible to manage data and drill down into analytics, delivering the best possible value from your organization’s embedded business intelligence.

Working together

The relationship between you and your BI and analytics platform provider is critical. Working closely together will ensure that your provider has a keen understanding of your analytics needs so that it can most precisely meet them. This relationship is the key to helping you mine your data for the most valuable insights for your business. The right provider will take your needs and goals on board to ensure you derive maximum benefit from embedding analytics. Plus, you need to be sure that you can work together as your business grows and your product develops.

Building strong customer relationships is a guiding principle for Sisense, and we are committed to being more than simply a product and service provider. We seek to become a valued partner to your organization as it grows, and this is reflected in our high ratings for ease of doing business with us and for quality of support.

Quality of support

These are significant factors to consider when selecting an embedded business intelligence solution and will be crucial to your future success.

Rolling out any new technology within an organization is challenging: You need to onboard employees who might be resistant to change, ensure the system works properly, help teams master the functionality, and create a solid plan for using BI and analytics to help you achieve your goals.

At Sisense, our success managers and technical support team not only guide customers through the deployment stage, but they also work closely with them in the long term, finding solutions, suggesting best practices, and ensuring they always get the most out of the platform. Most customers go live in around two months (or less).

Customers tell us that they love our products, particularly because we make business intelligence and analytics accessible for everyone. Sisense makes it easy for non-technical people to answer deep analytics questions on their own, extending the value of our offering throughout the business.

Data handling capabilities

To maximize the value from BI and analytics, we aim to empower our customers to access, identify, and analyze Big Data from the widest variety of sources. We’re proud that we’ve maintained our high rating (84%) amongst the industry leaders, for “Big Data Services.”

Our technology can handle any data sources, both live and cached, cloud and on-premises, with an easy-to-use interface. Sisense enables you to join and query massive data sets in seconds, giving you a BI platform that runs as fast and as reliably as a proprietary database, without the need to buy any additional tools or invest in huge hardware infrastructure.

We offer a balanced ratio of cloud and on-premises implementation, which demonstrates the true platform-agnostic nature of Sisense and its flexibility when working with all data sources. This is what you should demand from a leading vendor of hybrid BI and analytics.

Sisense’s unique, high-performance features make preparing and modeling Big Data simple, expediting the speed at which data is gathered and queried, and enhancing ease of operation and performance.

You can connect to any database or data warehouse, both cloud and on-premises. Built-in connectors to dozens of data sources — including MongoDB, Hadoop, MySQL, Vertica, and many others — make it fast and easy to turn terabytes of raw data into visual data analysis. See all your data in one place and find correlations between seemingly unconnected datasets or external sources and uncover new patterns and insights.

Data visualization, dashboards and reports

Embedded business intelligence needs to be clearly presented so that teams can derive game-changing insights from their data and enjoy a great user experience. Sharp data visualization is a key part of delivering easy-to-understand analytics.

In line with Sisense’s obsession with optimizing users’ experience, we achieved the highest rating for data visualization, dashboards, and our reports interface amongst the four leaders in the grid. Our data visualization capabilities deliver easily comprehensible charts and graphs and easy-to-use dashboards.

Dashboards are another critical consideration for organizations choosing an embedded BI solution, because the easier they make working with data, the better the user experience will be. That Sisense dashboards received the top rating among the leading vendors can be attributed to the Sisense platform’s robust back end, which provides a strong and stable foundation on which to model data, investigate datasets, and assure security. The result is dashboards that are tailored to your requirements, are interactive, and are easy to understand and manipulate for all users.

Sisense undertakes extensive data preparation so that both users and your customers get the dashboards that meet their needs, with the appropriate levels of access to the data you want them to see. Similarly, for ease of use and understanding, a clear reporting interface is another important factor for which Sisense scores highly. The combination of these elements presents the possibility of genuinely self-service analytics for users.


We’ve already touched on how important it is to provide dashboards that meet users’ and customers’ needs. Achieving this requires advanced customization capabilities, and Sisense’s ability to deliver this is reflected in our 86% rating in this area.

Sisense offers an API-first design that allows for complete customization. Developers love Sisense because it enables them to build their own data product on top of an extremely powerful backbone. Consequently, Sisense embedded business intelligence capabilities can be easily integrated, creating a seamless experience for users and customers that manifests itself in three key ways.

First, extensibility: Sisense is a fully and easily extensible single-stack BI solution with support for a wide variety of add-ons, plugins, libraries, and APIs (including REST API, JavaScript, and D3).

Second, embeddability: Sisense allows product teams to embed widgets and dashboards directly into a site or application using iframes or SisenseJS, Sisense’s custom JavaScript library for embedding widgets.

Third, customization: Sisense analytics can be “white-labeled”, or embedded into your systems and modified to adopt your branding. Together, they provide highly versatile tools that give you options to manage, enhance, and customize Sisense’s functionality and make it your own.

Sisense’s data analytics API enables you to integrate many other systems and create new capabilities, enhanced by customization. The  Sisense API is particularly notable for its ease of use and programmatic access to extensive components of our solution. Every element in Sisense is designed to be accessed and modified via extensively documented JavaScript and REST API.

Product direction

Mindful of all of these criteria, G2 asked users if they feel each product is going in the right direction. Sisense tops the grid leaders with a 93% rating.

This is testament to Sisense’s commitment to taking analytics to the next level and going beyond business intelligence with infused analytics. Infused analytics further future-proofs and simplifies the user experience by embedding actionable intelligence anywhere. The Sisense Fusion platform integrates AI-powered analytics directly into workflows, processes, applications, and products, in order to put the right bit of actionable intelligence in the right place at the right time, every time.

Infused analytics empowers everyone, regardless of skill level, to access and use analytics right where they need it. As a result, organizations enjoy better business decisions, reduced decision fatigue, and greater impact from analytics for customers with analytic experiences embedded into their products, service, software, and experiences.

Final thoughts

G2’s Grid® Report for Embedded Business Intelligence usefully highlights the key factors to examine when considering which business intelligence and embedded analytics platform to choose for your organization.

Importantly, before making this move, you must be confident that your chosen provider can most completely meet your requirements and is committed to a meaningful working relationship with your organization. Your BI and analytics platform provider should become a partner rather than just a service provider, willing to innovate and scale with you as your products and services evolve, as your organization grows, and as your needs change.

That’s why it’s vital to undertake a full proof of concept (POC) process with any vendor with whom you’re thinking of working. Ask to use your own data instead of sample data to see how accurately and quickly embedded BI can enhance your analytics, improve data visualization tools, and benefit your organization.

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