Data Management
At Scale

Sisense Data Management at Scale

What Will You Learn?

  • Take a hybrid approach to data by querying live data or cached data
  • Work with data in the cloud or on-premises
  • Scale horizontally and vertically with proprietary In-ChipĀ® technology and scalable, memory-optimized columnar database
  • Perform automation and integrations by using other tools and languages like Python, batch scripts, and more

What's in This Whitepaper?

This whitepaper covers technical details geared towards builders, developers, and analysts that need to handle SQL Modeling, Query Management, Change Management, Data Model Reuse, and more.

Other topics include Collaboration with co-development and access control, and Security and Governance with multi-level security, object level access, and custom row-level security.

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Sisense offers a suite of capabilities that make data management simpler by enabling control, transparency, reuse, and better collaboration.

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